Nedd help :- How to install software in Ubuntu 9.10 ?

Hi cean's,

I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 & it's working fine on my pc.

I am able to install softwares from "software center" present in it by searching required software in it & just clicking on install button.

But i don't know how to install softwares which i brought from out side or from any other third party.

I am newbie to linux & hope some out there will help me out .

Pls reply .


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Re: Nedd help :- How to install softwares in Ubuntu 9.10 ?

    Installing uBuntu is very easy:

    You need:
    1. Some free space on HD
    2. uBuntu Installation CD/DVD

    1. Pop your uBuntu installation CD in your CD/DVD ROM and then boot your PC. Make sure that the computer boots from the CD/DVD. If not, change the boot sequence from boot manager.

    2. uBuntu will start in live CD mode. Let it load and then you will have the installation option on the Desktop. Click on it and you are good to go.

    If you are stuck, do let us know the exact step at which you're stuck and I"m sure all our CEans would guide you.
  • moonfalsh
    Re: Nedd help :- How to install softwares in Ubuntu 9.10 ?

    Hello my friend.. just check out this website and try it. Any doubt post here.. we will help you.

  • gaurav.bhorkar
    Re: Nedd help :- How to install softwares in Ubuntu 9.10 ?

    I guess Ubuntu supports installation of .deb and .rpm packages. Just double-click the .deb file and the package manager will guide you for complete installation. Its very easy, like Windows.
  • faizaan
    Re: Nedd help :- How to install softwares in Ubuntu 9.10 ?

    I have alredy installed Ubuntu 9.10 from cd and i am easily able to boot ubuntu 9.10 from my hdd ,and also i am able to install softwares like media players & other from the software center .

    But the problem is that i am not able to install softwares that are not present in software center & i have brought them from outside like downloaded from some website.

    regarding .deb & .rpm format i dont know but the file i have downloaded is in .tar format.
  • MaRo
    Re: Nedd help :- How to install softwares in Ubuntu 9.10 ?

    Whatever you download you've to be sure it's compatible with Ubuntu, because sometimes in some apps differences appear in .RPMs & .YUMs..etc., .tar.gz is compression format not necessarily contains executable file & much likely contains source code that you'd have to compile by yourself.

    - Open your terminal & write down this

    tar xvf file.tar.gz

    This should be decompressed in your root directory or the same directory of the file.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Geez, I should read question properly before answering them 😔 .

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