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NCR SelfServ™ 32 ATM Lets You Video Chat With Remote Teller While Withdrawing Money

Question asked by Kaustubh Katdare in #Coffee Room on May 18, 2011
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · May 18, 2011
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NCR has solved a problem that will help you withdraw money from ATM efficiently and without getting bored while the ATM counts your money. NCR SelfServ 32 ATM has video conferencing abilities so that you can actually have a video conversation with the bank teller. NCR hopes that the facility will help banks and credit unions offer better customer service. NCR is (NYSE: NCR) is a leading manufacturer of Automated Tell Machines in the USA. With this new service in place, NCR’s APTRA Interactive Teller machine will offer more personalized service to customers. NCR is currently working on a pilot project with a major US financial institution to identify customer needs and offer solutions.


NCR uses the video banking technology developed by Utah based uGenius Technology - a pioneer in the field. NCR has installed a two-way video conferencing in their SelfServ 32 ATMs and user can choose between "Standard Self Service" or "Interactive Teller interface". Banks can now use this new technology to offer banking in remote, low-footfall areas where they cannot start a new branch. NCR says that the efficiency and security offered via SelfServ ATMs through centralization of bank tellers will enable Banks to offer 24-hour access to teller service. Banks will also be able to offer new loan, new bank account and bill pay facilities.

As on date, the SelfServ ATMs have been ordered by over 1300 financial institutions in over 130 countries. This makes NRC the world leader in ATM shipments for 24 consecutive years.

Via: NCR News Release Posted in: #Coffee Room

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