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NASA denies claims about alien life made in the Anonymous video

There are chances you have heard the name Anonymous - a group of so-called socially enlightened hackers who believe knowledge should not remain hidden with the elites of our society. And that’s what they do, releasing top secret info every now and then, surprisingly correct, most of the times.

Recently, (supposedly) Anonymous posted a 12-min video on YouTube in which “Anonymous Global”-that’s what he calls himself – is talking about the alien life taking reference from some old quotes from NASA spokesperson. The highlight being the testimony of NASA’s Director Zurbuchen himself at a Congressional hearing in April, where he said: "Our civilization is on the verge of discovering evidence of alien life in the cosmos."


Remaining part of the 12-minute footage was a man in anarchist mask talking about UFOs and all the baseless conspiracy theories you might have come across and if you haven’t, save your precious time and don’t go crazy searching for it. The video has already got more than a million views within a span of few days. Credit goes to the major media outlets doing their best to bring this video upfront, every publication with their own interpretation of this utter nonsense (my interpretation).

This wave of media reports was strong enough to push NASA into giving an explanation. Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen made it clear via tweet that there is no such pending announcement regarding extraterrestrials as advertised by media. In a follow-up tweet he said ‘Are we alone in the universe? While we do not know yet, we have missions moving forward that may help answer that fundamental question.’

This video was nothing more than 100s of videos out there on YouTube revealing evidence of extraterrestrials, pre-human civilizations and what not. The only difference being it followed the Anonymous style; that spooky voice effect and the mask. That was it to lure everyone.

Source: Youtube, ScienceHouse

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