Narayanan Menon On Fuel Efficiency & Saving Costs - Tips

Remember Er. Narayanan Menon? The engineer who entered Limca Book Of Records by using simple techniques to suck the maximum mileage out of his #-Link-Snipped-#! Mr. Menon just sent us a report of his findings (see below) and has some interesting points. Quoting from his report -

  • At an rpm somewhere around 1440, the FE of the Vehicle ishigher and at low rpm (especially idling and driving low speed attop gears) FE is decreasing rapidly.
  • When you switch over to higher rpm also its is reducing but itwill gain if u come down ( from 2000 rpm to 1500 rpm).
  • Driving at this rpm is a different speed (lower side) on petrolengine, so that while you test in standard condition with thesame speed (for petrol and diesel), the FE is less for petrol(due tohigh rpm, coz of spark plug and fuel property).
Check out the compete report -


Check out the report and tell us what you think 😀


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