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    Narayanan Menon "Can Do It With Any Car"

    Narayanan Menon recently grabbed all headlines in leading websites for his Limca Book Record mielage of 46.33 kmpl with his Tata Manza. We received a mixed response from our audience. We got in touch with Mr. Menon and grilled him. Check out our candid conversation with Narayanan Menon on achieving record mileage with Tata Manza and his tips for maximizing fuel efficiency -

    CE: Narayanan, could you tell us a bit about your background?

    Certificate From Limca

    NM:  I am basically an M.Tech Mechanical Engineer, now doing Ph.D in Management, running a family managed fabrication industry in Coimbatore, married to a computer engineer named Greeshma Narayanan and having a baby boy just 20 days old. My dad is an Industrialist, Mum is a school Teacher and an elder Brother also working with us in our company.

    CE: How did you achieve the record breaking mileage with your Tata Manza?

    NM: Simple, I gave priority to fuel efficiency and started driving my car in low speed, later started driving with the help of inbuild DIS system, finally found its delivering more than the DIS, informed tata, they came and we had many test runs and for limca book also as per their norms, that how records is achieved.

    CE: Why do you insist on maintaining constant RPM while driving?

    NM:  We have a pulse rate, pressure etc in our human body and want to maintain it constantly, why??, simple  at those constant rates you will get more efficiency/mileage for your life. Same here, for getting mileage in engine constant rpm is recommended but like pressure and pulse rate, it should be in that range, not below or above that.

    CE: Which parameters did you specifically control for the record breaking mileage?

    NM: rpm b/w 1300 – 1600, I maintained somewhere b/w 1440-1500

    CE: What mileage do you typically get with your car on highways and in city?

    NM: Depends on road coditions, city it is b/w 15-25 and in highway 25+, Average 28-30 kmpl

    CE: Any specific reasons you chose Tata Manza to break the record? Can you repeat it with any other similar car?

    NM: I can do it with any car, since I have Manza with me I tried in it. I have tried in other cars also and succeeded

    CE: Now, for the rest of us, what are your tips to suck the most out of every drop of fuel?

    NM:  1.Drive at constant rpm (1300- 1600), 2. Maintain Tyre Pressure (28-32 psi) 3. Avoid Over accelerating 4. Try to avoid idling as much as possible; coz at idling/neutral fuel efficiency is more 5. Avoid gear changes at uneven intervals, drive in the respective gear, if u can maintain it for some distance, don’t change it frequently. 6. Follow traffic rules.

    CE: Any plan to break your own record in future?

    NM: Already broke  more than 10 times, but not planned yet for any more limca and Guinness, I want others to break my records, so that I can be happy that someone is motivated/inspired by my achievement, next year I will try to beat.

    My dream is to drive a car at 100 kmpl, for that definitely some modification is required basically in all cars also in fuel quality by adding some addictives. But as an engineer I am working on it, would be happy if any car manufacturers approach me to join their R&D for the same so that we can make it happen soon..

    #-Link-Snipped-#CE: Different websites are quoting different mielages. What's the truth?

    NM: Simple, Many Media just copy the matter from others, thats why they have same repeated errors, you can see in certificate it happened in 2010, but i got limca certification in 2011. No Media bothered to have the proof like limca certificate or test report posted to them. in simple a news provided by an advertiser is more important than anything from a newsmaker 😀 that may be the reason why media  didn't pay much attention on how i achieved.

    CE: Do you think Government has to look into your achievements and can work for the fuel conservation.

    Ans: Why not, i know one guy cannot bring a revolution, but when govt. look into my matter seriously, they can do a wonderful change in the entire traffic system to avoid accidents and traffic block, which will yield fuel efficiency for the vehicle which is both economically as well as national wide impact and we can even reduce the rate of pollution coz of that.

    I prefer whoever wants to know about my achievement should atleast read my blog " ", never mind they need to be my follower, but should read it once, that shows what my records meant for.
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