Nanoscience and Technology

This concerns with the scope, application, seminars, conferences, research and anything else that is related to the field of Nanoscience and Technology.


  • SRP
    Hi all

    I have just joined M.Tech in Nanoscience and Technology in DTU (formerly DCE). If any1 has any news regarding this field feel free to comment or reply. Looking forward for your insights.
  • SRP
    Ever considered travelling to space in structures other than rockets like elevators for eg...check the below amazing future application of Nanotech.

    Space Elevators
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    Have you seen the video about the self constructing nanotechnology based Pyramid City at Tokyo?? #-Link-Snipped-#
  • SRP
    hey ths city would be cool to live in but...its not self constructing...
  • SRP
    Imagine a machine built using nanotechnology which is just a regular box's size sitting on a regular table but capable of manufacturing items such as bread toasters to chairs. Ladies and gentlemen this is possible using nanotech...we just need to figure out the process using which we can place the atoms at the desired locations accurately without disturbing other nearby atoms.
  • ragusanth
    hi now only im joined with crazy i am studying in manufacturing engg in 3yr..i want information at job vaccunt which course continue my post graduate tel me a your suggestions ..
  • SRP
    Hey buddy...
    As I am not from ur discipline I cant really guide u regarding the postgraduate courses...but yes I suggest u spend some time and search the net. Also interact with ur Professors in college. U should also identify ur interests in this field. That would go a long way in deciding a postgraduate course of ur choice.

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