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Nano-SIM Coming Soon

Question asked by Swagatam M in #Coffee Room on Nov 13, 2011
Swagatam M
Swagatam M · Nov 13, 2011
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After Apple's iPhone, iPad and some recently launched Nokia's phones like Lumia 800 and 710, the micro-SIMs were just getting into the groove to be adopted by other manufacturers. The adoption of micro-SIM has paved the way for making our portable devices more compact and efficient. But it's now time to change that and get our devices much more compact and more efficient than it is now.

A Mini-SIM and a Micro-SIM comparision

It's now time to reduce the size of the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) once again. After nearly 20 years of producing the first ever SIM card, German manufacturer Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is now presenting the world's first Nano-SIM card. This new form of SIM is about 60 percent smaller than the current generation Mini-SIMs which indicates cell phone manufacturers having an advantage of additional free space to include, maybe, larger batteries or more memory or even making the device thinner.

The Nano-SIM will be 15 percent thinner and 30 percent smaller than the micro-SIMs. The SIM will be 12mm x 9mm in dimension. Various network operators worldwide have been given initial samples for the testing process and the Nano-SIM is expected to be standardised by the end of this year through ETSI. Which could mean Apple getting their fair share of the SIM for their next i-device which would be launched next year. There is nothing more to worry for older cell phone users as the Nano-SIM would be backward compatible by the use of an adapter solution for universal use.

Source: CNet Posted in: #Coffee Room

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