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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 12, 2009

N95 Masks To Prevent Swine Flu - Discussions


I've been hearing a lot about N95 masks and their effectiveness in preventing the infection.

Anyone's got knowledge of what N95 does? How does it work? What material does it use?
Following is some information on masks:

The experts said that only the use of World Health Organization (WHO) recommended mask — the N95 — can be a preventive measure in current situation. And these special multi-layered masks must be worn in high-risk environments such as hospitals, especially by health officials and those who have to deal with flu patients.

Deputy director of health for the state, R R Katti, categorically said there was “no need to use a mask”. “Only those who work in hospitals should use the N95 mask.

The most important thing is that all masks are for onetime use only.
Once the mask gets wet due to sweat or cough, it becomes useless.

President of the Pune chapter of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Dr Dilip Sarda, said, “Different types of masks are available and they are for one-time use only, and need to be disposed off properly.
A virus like H1N1 can be filtered out only by a three-layer mask like N95.

It is called N95 because 95 per cent of virus and bacteria get filtered out. Other masks may minimise risks, but aren’t 100 per cent safe, specially since they aren’t disposed properly.”
Dr Sarda also said that instead of buying masks, a home-made cloth mask is better. People don’t throw away the handkerchieves. So, it is safe to use them, provided you wash them daily.

Ummm, good for girls who wear dupatta 😉.

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