my very 1st thread

hi all
this is Vertual. i'm new here and i hope t be welcomed!
i have my GP now, but i dont know exactly what my Prof do want from me to do! first of al, he refused my idea of the project and then he asked me to do somethng else!
this happened before two months... til now, i dont know what is the name of the project yet! and he only gave me a general view about his idea!
finally, i decided to proceed in my project by myself according to my viepoint and not to depend on his consoltant! i will notify him about my results and progress.
wish me luck


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Hi Vertual,

    Welcome to CE. I'm moving this thread to CE-Introductions section. Electrical & Electronics engineering section is restricted to technical discussions. If you want any specific information/help related to Project Idea, we have a separate section for it.

    I hope you will enjoy CE. To tell your friends/colleagues about CrazyEngineers.

    -The Big K-

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