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My Internship Experience at BSNL

Question asked by Aman khan in #Internships on Jul 23, 2015
Aman khan
Aman khan · Jul 23, 2015
My Internship in BSNL was memorable. My college is in the city of Allahabad and my home town is Varanasi they both are in Uttarpradesh. As the time goes day by day I love my college and my friends a lot. In my college or I think in every engineering college there is a provision for minimum 4 week internship. I am the student of Electronics and communication department so I decided to do it from some Telecom company and off course I wanted to do this with my few friends I went in IDEA company but they said you have to go Lucknow (which is also in U.P) for this, I wanna do it from Allahabad obly so I selected BSNL. I got direct entry, Very first day me and one of friend when entered in the office we saw that 5 students were already there, I got switching department so they are my trainee patners. Before this I thought that government employees having not much knowledge, but my this experience changes my thinking. I learned lot of things like how mobile and landline communicate with each, how mobile to mobile communication by using different networks like how vodaphone communicated with BSNL or Airtel or any of the operater and about BTS, Cells, why shape of cell is kept hexagonal, exchange, signals and etc . I also got to know BSNL's history that was really amazing. After 2week when I was in the BSNL's office during my training time, I saw what the employee actually doing there I asked (as I am very curious to learn) one of the employee he said it is not the things which u learned during 4 year of your engineering, I shocked then he said it is the over all conclusion of that what you learned up to know from your childhood and how to apply all this we are telling you during the training. As I am a quick learner I always asked so many questions also that's why most of the employees know me and off course they answer it also. At the same time an incident were also happend with me, I went there only for learning with my all soul and my mind but I fall in love with a girl she were so beautiful. In starting I don't have such type of feelings for her, even for starting 4 to 5 days I wasn't talk with her but after that a day came when she come to me talk me, day by day I don't know what happend with me, I gonna crazy about her. One day my friend told me what's wrong with u I asked him what happened, he said she likes you she always put her eye on you but you were busy in study. I don't know after that day what happened to me I were totally flat , I spent 4 hrs with her during training and rest 20hrs even when I sleeped I think about her, I don't want to do so but I don't have any control on this. This is what called love. I enjoyed a lot in BSNL and with her I can spend my whole life in BSNL. That Internship really plays an important role in my life, thats was an unforgettable memories.

- By Aman khan
College: SHIATS
Internship @ BSNL
Duration: 4 week Posted in: #Internships

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