My Hobby :: Chess,Code...Astrology.

Hello guys,
I love to play chess and won many prizes by competing in tournaments.I am not FIDE rated, but have won against rated players(On a good day,I have also beaten up players with 2200+) I love the way this game is played and the art that great players create on the board.
My favourite players are V.Anand,G.Kasparov,A.Karpov,R.J.Fischer,P.Morphy.

I also like playing carrom and volleyball have represented my college for many tournaments, it was really a great experience.

From my username its quiet evident that I love to code, I have learnt different programing languages, created games I have also programed 2 players board games with AI, eg. tic-tac-toe,connect-4, name a few,the list is long and it also contains my biggest project to the date,Chess playing AI.

I am a budding astrologer, I have been reading on astrology for quiet a while now and can basically get hang of things.
I love vedic astrology because its very simple and accurate too if interpreted properly.So if anyone of you want to know more about yourselves, just PM me or VM me with your birth details (Your name, your D.O.B(DD/MM/YYYY),place u wer born,and time (24 hrs))
This is part time hobby and generally I dont have much time dedicated to this.

Take care,


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