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My First Story

Question asked by Mr.Don in #Coffee Room on Apr 5, 2011
Mr.Don 路 Apr 5, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Hi CEans I am trying to write a story this summer and I hope I would get some valuable suggestions from you.I have completed the first part of the Story. Posted in: #Coffee Room
ISHAN TOPRE 路 Apr 5, 2011
Rank A2 - PRO
Hi dileep. I want to suggest you one thing. Remove your story from this site. Don't make it public. It is your intellectual property, so protect it.

Now story: You seem to be a good writer and you can easily write stories and publish a book. Oh God I am talking to a potential Rowling! Good going mate. 馃榾
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare 路 Apr 5, 2011
Rank A1 - PRO
Dileep: I can already see that you're building up a nice story! Instead of putting it in a document, why not post the text directly in the post? You may have multiple threads linked to each other for continuation and also get CEans to comment on your story (part wise)

PS: It's just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!
Mr.Don 路 Apr 5, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
@Ishu Thanks 馃榾 .I would like to dedicate it to CE.
Mr.Don 路 Apr 5, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Dileep: I can already see that you're building up a nice story! Instead of putting it in a document, why not post the text directly in the post? You may have multiple threads linked to each other for continuation and also get CEans to comment on your story (part wise)

PS: It's just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!
Thanks Biggie but attachments facility made it less complex for me to put my views in an easier way.
ISHAN TOPRE 路 Apr 5, 2011
Rank A2 - PRO
Just make it sure that it does not fall in wrong hands and don't let your hard work go waste. In other words be alert so that no one steals your story.

Perhaps the date of posting this story will be sufficient for your claim that you were the first person to create it. Don't know but be alert. There are a lot of people who try claim other people's work. Try to create some proof that you are the original creator.

But on CE, I think it will remain safe. We are all friends and will try to encourage you.

But good going. By the time I am writing this post, I am already getting involved with Dr. Subramanium. The story seems to be Sci-fi. 馃榾 good going. Keep sharing your progress on CE. I cannot wait for the end! post the remaining storysoon.

I used the word intellectual property because it is your own original creation. 馃榾
Mr.Don 路 Apr 5, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Just make it sure that it does not fall in wrong hands and don't let your hard work go waste. In other words be alert so that no one steals your story.

Perhaps the date of posting this story will be sufficient for your claim that you were the first person to create it. Don't know but be alert. There are a lot of people who try claim other people's work. Try to create some proof that you are the original creator.

But on CE, I think it will remain safe. We are all friends and will try to encourage you.

But good going. By the time I am writing this post, I am already getting involved with Dr. Subramanium. The story seems to be Sci-fi. 馃榾 good going. Keep sharing your progress on CE. I cannot wait for the end! post the remaining storysoon.

I used the word intellectual property because it is your own original creation. 馃榾
Thanks Ishu. 馃榾
Mr.Don 路 Apr 5, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
PART 2 : THE MISSING FILE.I will try to post it by tomorrow.
Saandeep Sreerambatla
Saandeep Sreerambatla 路 Apr 5, 2011
Rank A2 - PRO
Very nice Dileep!
Sahithi Pallavi
Sahithi Pallavi 路 Apr 6, 2011
Rank A2 - PRO
You are a good writer dileep! 馃榾 馃榾
Nice Work!
Mr.Don 路 Apr 6, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Part 2 The Missing File was now completed
Mr.Don 路 Apr 7, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Part 3 Completed.
Mr.Don 路 Apr 10, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Prologue added and Part 4 was now completed. Everything was now setup for the final part.
Mr.Don 路 Apr 10, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
My First story was now Completed. I will post it here in CE in few moments.
ISHAN TOPRE 路 Apr 10, 2011
Rank A2 - PRO
dileep k
My First story was now Completed. I will post it here in CE in few moments.
Waiting for it Dileep.
Mr.Don 路 Apr 10, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Here It is My First story dedicated to CE.

Please give your review CEans.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare 路 Apr 10, 2011
Rank A1 - PRO
@ Dileep - As I said, it would be nice if you could post the text directly into the post.
Mr.Don 路 Apr 10, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO

[Location Unknown]

Unknown Voice: (A strong Voice) your work in the African continent was exceptional Mr. BLACK.

BLACK: I live for your word Master.

Unknown Voice: This is only the beginning. You must continue your work as still America, Russia, China and India and Europe are a very big threat for us.

BLACK: Yes, Master I will continue but they will be tough.

Unknown Voice: It should not. You have the formula and you have the artilleries.

BLACK: Yes Master I will use those at will but any error will certainly cost my life.

Unknown Voice: This is a war Mr. BLACK. Our progress at begin is very important. Death is share of the war. Use your resources wisely and you can come out of demise.

BLACK: Okay, Master.

Unknown Voice: We are getting over populated and our friends will arrive soon as we require land and everything must be prepared before their arrival for our boundless families.

BLACK: Every possible action to conquer this earth will be engaged Master.

Unknown Voice: Yes. You are doing it but it鈥檚 not enough. We require more men at war.

BLACK: Black corp. will take care of it MASTER.

Unknown Voice: (鈥vil laugh鈥) the only person I like in this Planet is you Mr. BLACK. Black Corp. must be destroyed.

BLACK: Ok. Thanks Master. I won鈥檛 let you down.

Unknown Voice: I know BLACK. When you made it to this place I believe you are the one who can do this for me and you have lived up for my expectations. Ok. BLACK come here again after you gain control over major countries.

BLACK: Ok, Master. I will be here again with good news.

Unknown Voice: Good. Soon this earth will be ours once again Mr. BLACK.

BLACK: That day will come soon Master.
Mr.Don 路 Apr 10, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO

Manhattan Street

Speaker: My dear Citizens of America. I would like to invite with great honor and with humble respect the President of America to the Dias to address this event.

President of US: This research in Genetic Engineering is just a starting for new era that will spread our pride and honor all across the World. Yet again the impossible had become very much a reality and the word seems to become disappear from my book of dictionary because of some achievements done by Americans. In this research we do have many advantages as we change genetic stimuli of human DNA as we can control the growth of human body as we can prolong the life or we can delay the death of human life. Our Lead Scientist and his team had done a great work to accomplish this great achievement which had made whole America proud as many were yet to be tested and brought to the sunshine of human reality I would like Dr.Subramanyam to Speak a few words.

Doctor: This research on human race will make any virus to be ineffective with human body so that our human body is more immune and healthier than before, more Process have been carried out to make this process much more successful and final success will be achieved if the human can perform better and have no other problems that can cause him obviously to make him ill or perhaps resistant from viruses which can lead him to death.

Media Boy: Sir, this is a great achievement but it was reported that already with the growth that were recorded in other countries like India it may backfire the human race.

Doctor: There is nothing that we can do with population as we are not making humans immortal but we are just controlling their DNA from diseases that can be caused by viruses and this can lead to immortality if the same process was done in an another way but the code is kept secret by the American government and cannot be authorized by any other common people other than the President, manager and myself. So it is important to trust people that are going to keep this as a forbidden secret and continue their wok for the good of human race.

Media: Sir, as you said that when someone who wants to destroy this world has the code for the......

Doctor: (Interrupts) .It is Impossible.

Meida: What if ??.......

Doctor: As I said it has to be me or manager or the president. So you can blame me.

Media: After the security breach and code was stolen what prevent measures can we take sir? A good thing that our government was going through can bring the world an unlikely result.

As the Doctor and many dignitaries stares at the media boy who asked that question and the speaker calls off the media conference...

Television listing: New era in genetic engineering as Antivirus for Human dis.........

Media boy(Sandeep): Hii john. howz you pal.

John: Great man howz your day.

Sandeep: Much the same as recent listening that your government is going to have an antidote measures for human diseases.

John: Well. That's Good. Isn't it..

Sandeep: Yeah. It looks good unless it make human immortal.

John: What? Oh man you must be kidding. I don't think there's anything that can make humans immortal.

Sandeep: Hope your word comes true.

John: Hey sandy don't abase US government or US scientist by your words even though the medicine lead to immortality it would be a great achievement man.

Sandeep: Yeah. It will be unless it leads to demise of many others for one life.

John: Hey (mocking).You are envious that your country didn't do it.

Sandeep: (Flips and straightens John's hand) Have no right to speak about India.

John: Cool. Ok man. Take it easy.

Sandeep: How was yesterday. Any plans now. Gotta go for Touch Tonight today.

John: Gotta rock today but you coming to TT. Oh my god man!!!

[8:55pm , Touch Tonight , NY ]

Christy: Hiyaa Joe

John: Hi Christy.Here's my mate Sandy

Christy: Ohhh! Hi Sandyy.

Sandeep :Ahem. Did Sunny came here.

Christy: No.

John: Hey Whoz Sunny

Christy: Hm Sunny stays in NY too. Here to study MBBS at New York Medical College and she鈥檚 done here and will be leaving for Banglore next month as he do will be leaving next month to hyderabad.

John: I am missing you man.

Sandeep: Oh darling. Come on. Let's Party then鈥.Cheers

[Genetic Labs, Manhattan, Underground, NYC , 9:00pm]

Senior Scientist: Congratulations. Mr.Subramanyam. You had done it. All your achievements will now go down to history.

Dr.Subramanyam: What???

Ceasar: Gracious Mr.Franklin. Va bene. Sono in ttesa di questo Mr.Subramanyam.Now giorno siete costretti a scegliere tra la vita e la morte.
[ I am waiting for this day Mr.Subramanyam. Now you have to choose between your life and death.]

Dr.Subramanyam: Why?

Dr.Frank: Is more of your own choice. I opted you more money but you prefer death.

Dr.Subramanyam: No you must understand. You can get what you want but it will take time as we must first see our primary success..

Dr.Frank: Then where is our primary success. Was there any redolence for any success .We were planning for a superhuman with more power but not to serve any government and for not to meet any demands required by US.

Dr.Subramanyam : Yes. Everything was completed and successful all we need is some testing samples and have more equipment to go through in our experiment.

Ceasar: Poi vai su tutti abbiamo i soldi e le attrezzature.[Then go on we have all the money and equipment.]

Dr.Subramanyam: Then where is testing samples.

Ceasar: Quale analisi di campioni [What testing samples.]

Dr.Subramanyam: its humans. All we require is more humans to test more but we are limited with animals and what we can hope is hope for the best to happen out of nowhere.

Dr.Frank: Well. A complicated issue then how can you make it to happen. Look impossible in your words.

Look it鈥檚 your end and I think you are short of ideas Mr.Subramanyam.

Dr.Subramanyam: Not exactly. I don鈥檛 say that we need a place we can take our equipment there safely and have unlimited human supply without much danger from the Nation.

Ceasar: Allora che cosa sar脿 il nostro opzioni [Then what will be our options]

Dr.Subramanyam: Well everyone knows it who has unlimited supply of human resources.

Dr.Frank: Do you think it will be easy to breach the security of India and carry on our work. It would be challenging

Ceasar: Mi piacciono le sfide [I like challenges]

Dr.Subramanyam: Now we have no option. It is the best place with limited security and more freedom when we are at work and that鈥檚 why it was required that we need to gather a fair reputation here to carry out our work there.

Ceasar: Poi voler脿 in India [Then we will be flying to India]..

Dr.Frank: To get permission there will not be a problem as our lead scientist will help our way through there and Mr.Subramanyam we must leave NY by the end of this month.

1 Month Later鈥

Kruger(Body Guard and Head of Work force) : Pack everything boys. Now we were flying to India.

Frank: How is everything going Kruger?

Kruger: Everything was Fine Sir. The only problem is not enough space to allocate space for additional food for workers.

Frank: Oh! That鈥檚 not a problem. I think we had everything setup and ready for the takeoff.

Kruger: Yes sir but (Thinks for a second)..Yes Sir. Everything was placed and ready for takeoff.

Frank: Doctor it鈥檚 time to leave.

Ceasar: Where鈥檚 that girl.

Frank: Well. Who鈥檚 she?

Ceasar: She was found while she was escaping with the documents that were to be kept top secret.

Frank: Then why did you spare her. You might have finished the job by now.

Ceasar: I would have if she was the only one escaping with the documents.

Frank: Then where are the others. Did we ...

Ceaser: Noo..

Frank: (Sniffs) Do we retrieve the documents then.

Ceasar: Si(yes).

Frank: Ok.(In a louder babble)then what are you waiting for ..

Ceasar: With a wide grin.. Command his men to throw her into the shore.

As she was forcefully dragged down to the shore and was ruthlessly and playfully was thrown to the shore as her body floats back again but with no life...

Meanwhile, Dr.Subramanyam arrives to the shore and check whether she was dead.

Dr.Subramanyam: What a waste? She might be a very good use for our first experiment.

Ceaser:Aaah!She doesn鈥檛 even deserve the thought.

Dr.Subramanyam: Is it everything set to takeoff. Please check everyone and we can continue our voyage.

Kruger:Yes Doctor.

Captain Ceaser
Lead Manager Dr.Franklin
Lead scientist Dr.Subramanyam
Assistant scientist Dr.Wilson
And 8 other scientists,
4 bio-chemical engineers,
2 pharmacists,
2 electrical engineers,
10 Computer science engineers,
4 Mechanical engineers
And 15 workmen which includes me.

Ceaser: Bene. Get all packed up guys. Everyone move to the plane.

Dr.Subramanyam: Hope everything goes well and we should not repeat things like this. How could these things happen with such a tight security?

Dr.Frank: It鈥檚 just a small incident Mr.Subramanyam as we must not consider such things. See what happened to her and anyone who comes in our way will end up like this.

Dr.Subramanyam: Hope this incident will not come off.

Dr.Frank: It will not.(Grin鈥檚)you must calm down.


Sunny: That was bizarre. How can people kill each other like that.(cries aloud and continues..)

Sandeep: (Holds his hand across her shoulder).It will not happen again. It was over. They won鈥檛 come back. We are leaving to India and they won鈥檛 come over there.

John: Come on you must leave it鈥檚 time.

Christy: I am sorry but you have lot of responsibility on your shoulders and must submit to your electronic media or government.

Sandeep: It will be done whenever we reach there.

Some moments earlier鈥

[Christy running towards Sundeep, Sunny and John along with her friends Mindy and Clark and shouts and screams from her back as some men following her from the back and eventually they fired towards Clark as he was hit on his back and lay still at the instant when the bullet was fired. Suddenly crowd buzzed as the scene is actually caught in secret cams on NYC. The men held Mindy into the car and flew away.]

They thought that Mindy had all the documents but she kept the most important file into Christi鈥檚 handbag and requests her to protect it.

With this incident Sunny was in total horror as she screams and cried of the man that was died in front of her. Christy holds her hand and says鈥 Common we must move鈥 as all of them continue forward to airport.

John: Who were they?

Christy: Not much time to explain but Sunny you have to do it as you must submit this documents to your government otherwise this can be a big problem.
Sandeep: Problem!!What Problem? Now itself we get into a big problem and thank god we are out of it. Sorry Christy we are not ready to grab any opportunities.

Christy: Oh! Sandeep but you have to do this or else no one can.. This is a very big issue and they are gonna experiment on human lives at the cost of their lives.

John: What do you mean?

Christy: Yes. Many People will die.

John: Oh god. This is not good.

Christy: This is only the beginning and they didn鈥檛 check all the documents and if they do, they will come back. Come on you must leave before they come back.

Sandeep: Ok. Ok. We will and we are leaving to India today.

Car Stops at airport鈥

Sunny: Thanks John, Christy and Sandeep are you coming with me.

Sandeep: No. I am not.

Sunny: Ok. Take care.

Sandeep: Be safe. Take care.

Sunny went pass the boarding stand as the flight leaves鈥..

Sandeep: Christy why do choose India? What do they can do for the activities done over here?

Christy: I believe in US government the most Sandeep but I don鈥檛 think we have time to counter-claim against these mad people as they had already claimed a theft case on me and two others. I need another source to whistle blow the news about the activities of these mad scientist but I require another strong government which had more freedom for people to express their views. Hence I made a quick choice to do in India.

John: (Smiles) Do you think Indians are so good to stop these crazy people.

Sandeep: Ok guys we better off this topic.

John: Yup. Come on.


Indian Foreign Minister: Hello Gentlemen.

Dr.Subramanyan: Hello Sir, How are we?

Indian Foreign Minister: Fine. I hope the same with you.

Dr.Subramanyam: Thanks. We want to establish a project in your country as we do require some land and facilities to undergo the following operations.

Indian Foreign Minister: Dr.Franklin had already spoken to us about your consultancy and the operational details of our project. We were very much convinced and we can arrange the facilities which were required for your project to achieve the process but the land we can provide only 15 acres but you have mentioned to be 25 acres.

Dr.Franklin: No Problem Sir. We will use the underground facilities and we will establish the underground as our base.

Indian Foreign Minister: Well. It鈥檚 a high risky issue hope you will do all well.

Dr.Subramanyam: Thank you Sir.

Indian Foreign Minister: The guy is outside go and meet him for further details as you can have all your doubts clarified.

Dr.Franklin: Thanks.

As all of them stepped along and have a nice dinner all along together.

Moments later鈥.

Dr.Subramanyam: Hello Mr鈥

Official: Samuel Sir. What can I do for you?

Dr.Subramanyam: Foreign Minister had told that someone would be waiting for me.

Samuel: Yes sir. It鈥檚 me and I am waiting for you for a long time sir.

Dr.Subramanyam: Oh. Sorry. I am little busy but I must not make you waiting for much long time.

Samuel: It鈥檚 Ok Sir. Coming to the point the land was allocated for you in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh and work had already started to begun.

Dr.Subramanyam: That鈥檚 very good news then. When would be we leaving to Vizag.

Samuel: The cab is waiting for you to lead you to the airport sir.

Dr.Subramanyam: Dr.Franklin, come on everything is setup and it鈥檚 almost time for departure.

Dr.Frank: I know you are very enthuastic person and we will be there shortly.

[Banglore,Park Area,8:00pm]

Sunny calls to Sandeep鈥.

Sunny: Hello. Sandeep. How are you?

Sandeep: Hi Sunny. I鈥檓 fine here. How are you. Howz everything over there? Got any problems?

Sunny: I am fine and No I haven鈥檛 find any problems over here and I hope they won鈥檛 came back. I took the documents to the Police but I don鈥檛 think they believe me. I should try again to convince them.

Sandeep: Ok. Look they have arrested Christy and I will take care of it. Leave it. It鈥檚 not our issue and it might back fire the entire situation and we would again be in a deeper problem.

Sunny: but Christy and her friends had made a sacrifice for this and we should do justice for their sacrifice.

Sandeep: Ok we will do it and make the convict punished but for now keep the documents with you inside and I would be there with in 20days and we can handle the situation.

Sunny: It will not possible for me to meet you then. I am going for camp in Vizag and might return here again after 3 months.

Sandeep: Ok sunny. My native place is Vijayawada not Hyderabad. You know it right. It would not be a problem for me to be there in Vizag.

Sunny: Ok sandy. I will be waiting for you then.

Sandeep: Ok take out everything from your mind out and relax. Ok. Bye. Take care.

Sunny: Thanks Sandy. Bye.

Call ended鈥

[Secret Basement, Vizag, INDIA]

Car stops鈥.

Dr.Subramanyam: Amazing, Unbelievable. How can it can be this quick. Is this place really INDIA.

Samuel: Yes Sir. Dr.Franklin visited here 1 year ago Mr.Subramanyam. The area was spread for only 15 acres on the top which includes those large trees and fencing but underground area is unbelievable.

Dr.Franklin: We had made our investments believing all our experiments would achieve success. Isn鈥檛 it Dr.Subramanyam.

Dr.Subramanyam: Of course but I have never dream of this kind of success. This is amazing.

Samuel: Ok Sir. This is your place I will be leaving from here. Please check your place.

Dr.Franklin: Let me introduce our new base manager Dr.Horne.

Dr.Horne: Hello Mr.Subramanyam.

Dr.Subram: Hello

Dr.Frank: Dr.Horne could you please explain about our experiments and medicinal armory that we acquire.

Dr.Horne: With pleasure Dr.Frank. Let we go our way through in the basement. On my left there is pharma medical store and to the main door is the only way to enter into the castle as we move to the left of the corridor we have a DNA control lab and to the right we have the anti-virus preparation laboratory.

Now we can move onto our secret laboratory鈥(with a grin smile) greets Dr.Subram and Dr.Frank to the underground.
Mr.Don 路 Apr 10, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Here the entire Underground consists of a Cloning Centre, Mixed Cloning Centre, High Scale injection Lab, Control Room and testing center.
Here in Cloning you actually know what we can do and in mixed cloning we make hybrid human in fact super humans which has some special qualities of that of animals and in High Scale Injections Lab we provide some very Lethal Injections where each injection consists of a very powerful stimuli with a Nano chip inserted in it as we can control the chip from our control room so that the genetic stimuli will grow inside the human being. This is the most dangerous part in our experiment Dr.Subram. As you know we need human resources. We didn鈥檛 need much as before you said we choose India because we love India as they were very keen of becoming an superhero.

Area Map 1


Area Map 2



Dr.Subram: Do you think we are making a superhero.

Dr.Horne: Yes. We can make a superhero if we really but at the expense of many lives and he would not last long and he may die of some nervous problem during his own attack but he would be responsible for another many lives and he would be superhero no more.

Dr.Subram: Hope these experiments will cost as lesser lives as possible.

Dr.Frank: I do also hope the same Dr.Subram but until the experiment is successful.

Dr.Frank: When do we are going to conduct our first experiments Dr.Horne.

Dr.Horne: It will be soon as there will be a medical camp to be conducted near GITAM University as our team had targeted that camp to inject virus in as many as possible and check the results of these people.

Dr.Subram: What if the people die immediately after the virus was injected.

Dr.Horne: The Mixed Virus will be injected to those people who are going to die in few hours or of days and the normal DNA virus will be injected to some other who don鈥檛 have regular body shape and check whether they regain their shape or not.

Dr.Subram: What is the time you expect for them to regain their shape and won鈥檛 be there any side effects?

Dr.Horne: There are as it must have a side effect and I don鈥檛 know how it turns out to be but ultimately we are testing for the control of the actions of that person using Hi-Tech Virus Generation.

Dr.Subram: That would be a torture for them who have no control of their own body.

Dr.Horne: Yes. The only thing we haven鈥檛 played with is the human body and now it鈥檚 time to play and all it require is a small injection.

Dr.Frank: Sounds Great.

Dr.Subram: (with a vacillating smile) I don鈥檛 think I am feeling comfortable here.

Dr.Horne: What are you thinking Dr.Subram (with a loud devil smile) 鈥 Soon we can rule this world.鈥

Dr.Frank: Hope the day will come soon.




Mobile Conversation
Sunny: Hello mom I reached here safe.

Mom: Ok ma take food regularly and carry on your good health.

Sunny: Be safe ma bye.

鈥淗ello can I please know which way to go to DITE University鈥 as she asks a stranger and he replies with a funny and arrogant answer 鈥淣o鈥.

Sunny: Oh Ok.(stunned and confused.)

Another guy from behind answers her from behind to board 900k or 17b numbered bus and say DITE college then you will reach there.

Sunny: Thank you Sir.

Stranger: What鈥檚 your work over there?

Sunny didn鈥檛 answer at the first time when he asked the question but he responds in more smart way. If you don鈥檛 want to tell me then it鈥檚 ok but I think you don鈥檛 know Vizag and the college is at the outskirts of the city and you might need some guide.

Sunny: I have travelled from U.S to India alone and I don鈥檛 think I should have a guide here.

Meanwhile there's already a group formed near the boarding around her as she observes the situation around her happening at the moment...

Stranger: May be you need a guide now..

Sunny: Ok, May be, Sometimes. I am Sunny.

Stranger: I am Krishna.

Sunny: Nice name.

Krishna: Thanks.

Sunny: Did you have any information about the medical camp which was going to be conducted over there?

Krishna: No idea. I didn鈥檛 hear of any camp to be held over there.

Sunny: Ok but here see this.

Krishna: Ohoo. When was the last time a medical camp was done over here in such secret manner? Really the people who were there might not know it as well. No one in the college either was informed as I my brother was studying there as well.

Sunny: Ok. Let鈥檚 see what was there then.

[Secret Base, Vizag, Ground Floor]

Dr.Subram: Ha. At Last we are all ready to test our samples and Mr. Wilson where are our files.

Mr.Wilson: They were kept along with Ceasar from the time they were theft.

Dr.Frank: Ceasar is on his way to the lab and will arrive shortly.

Dr.Subram: I can never understand this man.

At least do we have the list of the files that we are going to conduct?

Wilson: Yes sir. There seems to have 5 files.

鈥淎ll the tests were performed and very much good results were obtained鈥.Ceasar walks into the room.

Ceasar: Once confirmed issue should not be performed again. Your captain orders you.

Dr.Subram: You are no captain here. This is neither your place nor America.

Ceasar: S矛. Hai ragione, come si 猫 sempre, ma questi sono tutti i miei uomini. (Yes. You are right as you always is but these are all my men.)

Dr.Subram: Who says it鈥檚 good to be a multi-lingual person. Ok. I am not going to verify them again but please can I check all the files once.

Ceasar: Here, everything was perfect.

Dr.Subram: Hope so but I think I had received all the files.

Ceasar: Oh don鈥檛 always blame me. Check it again.

Dr.Subram: Here ..1鈥.2鈥.3鈥4鈥.and again鈥.1鈥2鈥3鈥4鈥here鈥??

Ceasar: There we got 4 it supposed to be 4 when the boy got me all the files.

Dr.Frank: How can you be so irresponsible? They were 5 and where鈥檚 the fifth file?

Ceasar: I don鈥檛 know the boy didn鈥檛 bring it back.

Dr.Subram: Dr.Wilson. Please check the file that was missing.

Dr.Wilson: It鈥檚 about the Disadvantages of our experiments that occur and about our plans that should be executed in near future.

Dr.Frank: Shit! Dammit. Ceasar you were lucky still you stay alive.

Ceasar: No. dispiace. I will bring them back. The men who went after them might have known it. It鈥檚 just a normal mistake.

Dr.Subram: It鈥檚 too late if they submit it any higher authorities then it will be waste of all our effort, money and time.

Dr.Frank: Ha. We won鈥檛 let it happen. Do we? We are the future rulers of the world. Ceasar. Call your men and ask them when was the last time they see them before they escape.

Ceaser: They were missed at 20 Rockway Boleward. Manhattan, New York.

Dr.Frank: I think we had security cams fixed in US. Search for the girl. Do no mistakes.

Ceaser: Ok. I will be here with complete information.

Kruger: Sir. The people from various people had arrived and they are waiting for us.

Dr.Frank: Ok. We will be there in few minutes.

Dr.Subram: Now what we are going to do.

Dr.Frank: Nothing more as you expect everyone here will get some dose and if it work then it will be good or death will be the alternative. Here watch this.

X-Virus Description

If matched

Generates new hormones, new cells which will enable us move faster and more resistant towards diseases. It enables telepathy between humans suffering from X-Virus. Builds body into different shapes according to the way our react.

Disadvantages: No Mind Control due to presence of Microchip only the people having B-Virus will have mind control and gain leadership among others.

If not match Sudden Death is expected and it can be of any form and at any time after it was injected.

[Medical camp, Vizag]

Krsihna: So. Here we are and seems nothing here.

A man comes and asks 鈥淢edical Camp鈥.

Sunny: Yes

He asks them both to sit in the bus鈥

Sunny: Good thing that you were with me.

Krishna: Well, always good to have Krishna with people.

Sunny: (smiles) Funny but seems true at the present situation.

Bus Starts and after few minutes Bus stops at Base.

Krishna: Wow!!I had never come to this place. Hey when do they build this?

Bus Driver: I don鈥檛 know sir they just wanted me to do is to guide people here.

Krishna: Mysteries everywhere.

Sunny: It鈥檚 not a mystery. You just didn鈥檛 know that鈥檚 it.

A girl running out from the Base holding her had towards Sunny and Krishna鈥

Girl: (screaming) it鈥檚 like someone is holding my brain and I am feeling like my internals are coming out(Ohhh Good)as she Screams loud and she coughs a lot of blood and dies over there instantly.

Suddenly, two doctors coming there screaming Run!Run!Run for your lives. Run as they were shot dead near the gates.

Sunny and Krishna run towards left to get a clear sight of what was happening at the gate as they see some horrible incidents as many people lying there dead and some very big people running after them.

They both look horrified with the scenes that they were seen over there.

Kruger (Strongly built and better than before) orders his men. Theree鈥s some of them was now running very fast towards Sunny and Krishna.

Krishna: Runnn.

Before he says Sunny had already started running. As they both ran through some distance and went under a tree hoping that this was over. Very few moments pass by..

Krishna: Why didn鈥檛 you wait for me?

Suddenly a man attacks from behind and Sunny erupts with a loud scream as he misses and hits the tree. Krishna punches him on his face but he doesn鈥檛 seem to bother about it.

Krishna was surprised and this time punches him very hard as the man laughs and screams out as he opens his mouth wide and Krishna and Sunny was both now into terror.

Krishna quickly grabs his pocket and fires at him as he falls back to the ground.

Sunny was in complete shock with the incident. Who are you? Where did you get that gun?

Krishna: I am a cop.

But slowly the man that fell to ground is recovering fast and he stood up again which brings them into a complete shock as sunny pose with a big O...

Krishna: Oh Come on Sunny. This is crazy. We must run. We cannot hold on like that.

The man regains his feet and starts to chase them again. Krishna shoots him again as it hits his chest but the man didn鈥檛 even fall to the ground and moved forward towards them. Krishna takes a quick aim and shoots him again as the bullet hits between his eyes and the man falls face first to the ground and doesn鈥檛 seem to get up again.

Krishna: That was close.

Sunny: We need to get out of here.

Krishna: Who are these guys? Where are these people coming from and what is that place.

Sunny: It鈥檚 the same man who ordered men to attack us at Manhattan and he鈥檚 here which means that BLACK Corp. was established here in India as well.

Krishna: What is it?

Sunny: It鈥檚 a private organization which was recently approved by the government of U.S. but only to do tests for the prevention of virus attacks on humans.

Sunny: These people were doing tests on cloning and research for the DNA control was carried out by them so that they can control the minds of other people as you just did see. Others with same virus are only required to give order as they will start doing it without even taking a break.

Krishna: This is awesome but how could this happen. It seems unbelievable to me.

Sunny: Yes. It looks as I first didn鈥檛 believe it but chase down my friends and killed one of them and took away the other.

Sunny: They had given me some documents before I came to India.

Krishna: Ok. Where are they?

Sunny: They were at my room.

Krishna: Oh shit! We need to submit them to police before they capture us. Why didn鈥檛 you try this earlier?

Sunny: I tried to but no one believed me.

Krishna: Where did you try?

Sunny: Banglore Police station

Krishna: Ok.Come on. Let鈥檚 get the documents.

[Underground, Base, Vizag]

Dr.Frank: Good work. Dr.Subramanyam. 12 positive out of 20.

Dr.Subram: I know that I do always get success.

Dr.Frank: I hope we do not need any modifications.

Dr.Subram: Yes. Of course. We do not require any modifications but鈥

Dr.Frank: You are going to die (as Dr.Frank raises his holster). Any last wish

Wilson: The team who escaped with the documents was found and one of them was on our list.

Kruger: Fortunately, She was there at our gate some moments earlier sir and our men went after her but no one returns backs to the base.

Good news again they were here haha (bursts out an Evil laugh..)

As Dr.Subram quickly grabs Frank hand and twists as the holster falls to the ground. Dr.Subram grabs the gun points to Frank and escapes the site pointing to Frank in his Vehicle. After he gets going he let Dr.Frank free as kicked him out of his car.

Kruger went along to the place where to help Frank.

Dr.Frank: Enough. Chase him and kill him.

Kruger followed the orders as he along with two men went on the direction where subramanyam was left.

Dr.Frank: Clever guy. Subramanyam.

[Sunny鈥檚 room, Vizag]

Sunny: Here. See this.

Krishna: Ok.

Sunny: Did you like coffee or tea.

Krishna: Coffee.

Sunny: Ok.

Krishna: Oh my god. This company had come all over from America to Vizag.

Sunny: Well. Not for a good course.

Krishna: Good? What are talking about? They are going to destroy the whole planet if they were successful. This is more dangerous than a nuclear weapon. A Human is now a toy in their hands.

Sunny: Here. Yes but we need to stop them now.

Krishna: Thanks. Yes. It should be done very fast.

Sunny: Yes. I have a vehicle. I borrowed it from my friend. We can go after you finished.

Krishna: Ok. I know a person in the department who is capable of understanding all this.

Moments Later鈥.

[Police Station, Vizag]

Krishna: Hello Sir. How are you?

Police Officer: Fine. Krishna. How are you? What鈥檚 the issue?

Krishna: Fine Sir. Thank you. My friend got up with an issue about HCCO which was established at the outskirts of Vizag sir. This Organization was already responsible for many lives which were taken out and should be banned.

Police Officer: Any proof Mr.Krishna

Krishna: This is only document that I had as a proof against them.

Police Officer: Our government had tested their lab before we gave permission for them and there were no signs of cloning or DNA control in their laboratories.

Krishna: No Sir. You must understand.

Police Officer: Ok. I will see鈥︹.

As a man runs into the police station screaming help!!help!. He was holding his back which was wounded.

Man (Dr.Subramanyam): Sir. Help me. Please they are coming after me.

Krishna: Ok Sir. We will leave.

Police Officer nods his head.

Man (Dr.Subramanyam): Wait! You must be the girl. You are here. You are in great danger. Get away from here.

Sir. The documents they were submitted were true and I was the one responsible for it please cease the area of BLACK. They had already it and it will spread the entire city within a few days.

A bullet shot from behind as it hits the person鈥檚 back as he quick falls to the ground but I don鈥檛 think it would kill him instantly鈥

As I and Sunny went for cover the Police officers also gets armed and starts firing against the Kruger and his team. In a dire shootout as several bullets went pass through between the Police Officers and Kruger and his men. All the cops went down and the place suddenly gone quiet.

Kruger and his men were also badly injured as Kruger was holding his wounds and his men both virtually dead.

I hold Subramanyam鈥檚 back and drags him along the police station and escaped the area along with Sunny.

Subramanyam: Thanks for taking me here. Take this. You can only save this country before any disaster can happen.

Krishna: Hold on. You will be safe.

Subramanyam: No. I can鈥檛. I know it. It鈥檚 over for me.

Krishna: You will be alright.

Subramanyam: Here this is an antidote formula. I am sorry that you have to build it again and I think 鈥t won鈥檛 鈥e a problem. You havvve to ..do o it.t.

He breathes his last鈥urtains for Dr.Subramanyam鈥

Sunny: Krishna Where are the documents?(with concerned expression)

Krishna: Oh Shit! We left them on the Police station.

They quickly went back and sneak their way along to the station and found no one as only dead bodies were lying over there. They checked every bit but didn鈥檛 find anything.

Krishna: They took it back.

Sunny: How can say it? Come on Search, It would be over here.

Krishna: Kruger鈥檚 not here.

Sunny: Oh god.

Suddenly some siren sounds ringing at the outside of the station. It was 108, police and media.

They were in deep mess鈥

All weapons were now aimed at them.

[Beach Road,Vizag]

Mobile Conversation
Kruger: Dr.Frank the medicine is working well. Subramanyam is dead. The file also was acquired.

Dr.Frank: Good. Does the girl dead?

Kruger: They escaped but I will find them again.

Dr.Frank: Leave them. We have our documents. Come to the base we have something to talk.

Kruger: Danke Boss. Ihr Wunsch ist mir Befehl.( Thanks Boss. Your wish is my command.)

Mobile Conversation ends鈥
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[Police Station, Vizag]

Krishna and Sunny babbling each other trying to explain that what was happened there in the police station

Police: sshhh! What were the things that really happen over there?

鈥業t鈥檚 about the documents those belong to BLACK corp. They control the DNA and Clone them into multiple humans. They have developed some viruses X and B as they control the people who were affected by this virus. They are playing with human鈥 said Sunny.

Uff..Do you want me to believe all this shit? Tell me exactly what had happened over there 鈥 said Police officer with a petulant expression.

Krishna: Sir. We are saying the truth.

Police Officer: Then where is the proof?

Sunny: Sir. Actually we had the file but they took it back away after this incident.

Police Officer: Again you are saying something interesting? Come on carry on.. Carry on鈥

Sir, we had the proof. Couple of people who died in the shootout was also affected with virus. Please check their reports.

Police Officer: If the thing which you say doesn鈥檛 come good in your favor then you will be in great danger.

Police Officer comes out of the room鈥

Police Officer2: Did they say anything about the issue.

Police Officer: Something about the virus. Do we have the reports.

Police Officer2: Will arrive shortly

Police Officer: Ok. Call me back after we get the reports.

Police Officer2: Yes sir.

Sunny: Why is this happening to me?

Krishna: Calm down Sunny everything would be fine. It鈥檚 only a matter of time from now.

Sunny sobs..

[Base, Vizag]

Kruger: Hello Frank. How everything is going.

Frank: Looks more energized Kruger, seems you forgot respect.

Kruger: Nothing like that Dr. I think we have become good friends in this business.

Frank: (laughs loud) No one is trusted as a friend at money and work Kruger. Ok. Listen. I and Horne will be leaving back to America.

Kruger: Ok Sir but why is it so quick we are just building up a good base here?

Frank: No Kruger this base has to be destroyed and do you know we have 21 bases all across world.

Kruger: Yes. I know.

Frank: Our objective is to conquer the land not to build a base and I am going for Mr. Black.

Kruger: Ok Sir. What is my duty here?

Frank: Destroy this place and effect as many people with T-Virus.

Kruger: Wird gemacht.(Will be done.)

Frank: Good.

[Police Headquarters, Vizag]

Police Officer3: Sir. Here are reports.

Police Commissioner: They were true. The bodies died in shootout have virus injected in them.

Police Officer: Call them here.

As the police officer2 calls them to the Police Commissioner鈥檚 room.

Sunny: Sir鈥.

Police Commissioner: I saw the reports and they were enough to believe you but what exactly is the information do you have?

Krishna: They are planning to destroy this place sir. They have 21 places all across the world and everywhere it was only the coastal region and they have something to do with this place.

Police Commissioner: What would be their next step?

Krishna: They are going to inject as many people as possible with X-Virus and if they were successful they will launch their force to occupy the place.

Police Commissioner: Any more information?

Krishna: That鈥檚 all we know sir.

Police Commissioner: Ok. You can go.

He calls up for someone to drop them at their home as they went鈥

Sunny: Thanks again without you I would have dead.

Krishna: Hey cool. It鈥檚 really for me being with you. This is the most beautiful day in my life.

Sunny: You are really great.

Krishna: Ya. I know (His cheeks become red and with a controlled smile.)

Sunny: Haha. I just joked.

Krishna: hoho. Sunny is joking here. Someone help. Please.

Sunny starts beating him鈥

Krishna: Ok. Ok..Cool..cool..If you have any problem call me and here is my number. Ok.

Sunny: Ok. Thanks. I will be staying there in the room and you can come anytime.

Krishna: You know I am a busy man. You are lucky if I visit.

Sunny: Oh ya..

Krishna: ya ..ya..

Sunny: (laughs) Ok, then I will ask someone for help. Bye.

Krishna: No.no even though I am busy I will come for you.

Sunny: Oh (sighs) Bye. I will call you then.

And with displaying one of the greatest smile, when she turns back I can see the lovely sunset of the beautiful evening as the red ball become more pink and she look like a pearl in the shade of the a charming fire ball. Today is special day for me there is always something special about her...

[Base, Vizag]

[Announcement Room]

Kruger: Attention everyone we have X-Virus injections in these containers and all we need to do is to transmit this virus to whole over vizag and carry as many as you can but infect as many as you would like.

Dr.Wilson: We have only 40 people infected and have only 5,000 injections. Don鈥檛 we have an alternate?

Kruger: We have an alternate but the injection is more effective and we have only 1 Nano chip for each injection. It would be a waste if one gets 3 or a dozen of chips.

Dr.Wilson: But all we need is to transfer the virus to them later we can give orders through telepathy.

Kruger: Telepathy is only possible for the persons who were near.

Dr.Stanley: The chip is required for the initial stage of growth of the virus inside the body Wilson. Later it will be self-destroyed. We don鈥檛 need to infect all to evacuate them from city.

Dr.Wilson: Ok. I think I need to learn some basics.

Kruger: Every infected people should carry their regular duties as usual and doesn鈥檛 require coming back again to the base. The Base will be no more and will have our own city from now.

Everyone left the place with intent to inject the virus into others鈥

As 3 days passed by..

Mobile Ringing鈥

鈥楰rishna where are you? Come to my room 鈥 Sunny

Why now? 鈥 Krishna

Nothing, Surprise, A small treat. - Sunny

Oh. What鈥檚 special? 鈥 Krishna

Come to my room 鈥 Sunny

Ok. I will be there in 5 minutes. - Krishna

Call ended.

[Sunny鈥檚 room, Vizag]

Sunny, you there? 鈥 Krishna

Yes I am here Come in. - sunny

Tv Listings:

Many people hospitalized due to new virus attacks. Government orders to seize the BLACK Organization.

Krishna: Very good. Not too late.

Hii ya Howz you Sunny? 鈥 Krishna

Ya I am fine 鈥 Sunny

Sunny: Don鈥檛 you to wish for your friend鈥檚 birthday.

Krishna: Oh great. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

TV Listings:

Breaking News: A big blast occurred at BLACK Organization.

Krishna: Oh god! Please turn off the TV.

Sunny: Common let鈥檚 go out.

So soon as they stepped outside for a small party. A bullet misses Sunny which went just side of her head. In small moments Krishna drags her back into the room.

Police Firing: Freeze! The crowd is hostile. They are attacking people.

Kruger: (commanding his men) Attack everyone. Kill everybody. Now this place is ours.

Krishna: Oh my god. This doesn鈥檛 look good. Sunny Hold back. Be here. I will go out and check what was happening.

Mobile ringing
Sandeep: Happy Birthday to you (Singing)

Sunny: Sandy here the things aren鈥檛 great and this might even be my last birthday please don鈥檛 call me again now. Bye (feels very irritated).

Krishna went out to check what was happening. Police were surrounded by a headless group of people as they were about countless. Kruger equipped them with heavy armory as it looks they gonna destroy the city within a few moments.

But the police counter attacked them as they fired some grenade launchers to evacuate the Mob. Some of them hit the Mob and Kruger as well. As Kruger also fell apart but he no longer remains wounded as within minutes of time he regained all his strength and started fighting again.

Everyone starts to run in panic. Many were dead. Police trying their best to rescue as many as they could but they only could manage to kill some more (from the mob or from the crowd.). Everything seems uncontrollable at this very moment.

As they are now trying their final attempt to clear the crowd to at least save some of them.

Police: Citizens of Vizag vacate the city and paddle out of the city. We are seizing the city. This city is out of our control. Get to the Port of Vizag.

Police: Control Room Control Room. We require more reinforcements. The crowd is hostile and we are losing control. I repeat we require more reinforcements. They were about 2000 people mob in the city

With the announcement came from the Police the Kruger laughs as his mission was now successful in clearing the city.

Krishna: Sunny. Are you alright?

Sunny hugs Krishna and cries as tears came off from her..

Sunny: I don鈥檛 wanna be here anymore. Please take me somewhere else. Please.

She pleads Krishna to take her to the safe place.(as she cries in fear..).Krishna calms her down and says that there was nothing to worry about and reminds her again that he is with her.

They quietly managed to come across the city and grab a vehicle which was abandoned by its owner. Krishna starts it as they get on the car and starts it to ride out of the city..

One of the Kruger men spotted the girl as they did recognize her from the incident before and they started chasing them down. Some of them jump on to their bikes and starts chasing them. They have chased them to the city outskirts as now started firing at the car.

This incident gives time to the cops to evacuate the city. They were about 80 men chasing the car which was quiet a number to clear that particular area as the people breathes a sigh of relief in that area.

Vizag population is about 4 million but only 2000 people with heavy armory is now controlling the city.

We managed to clear the outskirts of Vizag city as the outskirts of Vizag was flooded with cops.

Everyone that came after us was now going back one by one after they have notice the cops were waiting for them. The Indian Police once again have done a great job of rescuing about 1.5 million people as many were still struck inside the city and many were dead. There was dead pool all along the way through.

The mob was jumping and dancing on the dead bodies of the people.

The scenes in Vizag were very much appalling and everyone here all along with had no clue what was going on over there in Vizag.

They are now even started to search the houses for men as they are growing strength by strength when every moment passed by 鈥

[New York, America]

Welcome Mr.Frank 鈥 Dr.Boon

Hello Mr.Boon. How are you? 鈥 Dr.Frank.

Your face resembles success in India Mr.Frank 鈥 BLACK.

Y..Yes Mr.Black. We were successful there 鈥 Mr. Frank.

Check This...

Various News Paper Main Headings..

Indian Scientist Dr.Subramanyam Killed. Terror treats India.

Police manage to save around 2million people. Vizag Navy Base Destroyed.

BLACK Corp to be banned in U.S.

Similar blasts were seen before in various countries like Cuba, Italy, Germany is mainly because of BLACK Corp.

Black Shades on BLACK Corp. All Black Corp. branches was thrashed to dust.

Now Mr.Frank Do you think we are successful. 鈥 BLACK

Yes Sir. 鈥 Frank

Why did you kill Mr.Subramanyam 鈥 BLACK

Dr.Frank:He feels he was responsible for everything and he tries to save his country by spoiling our plans by leaking our information.

Is it so 鈥 BLACK

Mr. Subramanyam 鈥 BLACK

No one can kill me Mr.Frank 鈥 Mr.Subram

This is not possible 鈥 Mr.Frank

Everything is possible with technology 鈥 BLACK.

(Long Evil laugh)

It is Subramanyam鈥檚 clone.(made with X-Virus) 鈥 BLACK

BLACK: Not to worry. I would always appreciate your plans and your ideas will always reach my expectation and Kruger鈥檚 assault was exceptional and you did make right choice in choosing Vizag. You provide me perfect places so that we can attack at will.

Mr.Frank: Thank you sir. What would be our next step?

BLACK: Always responsible and thinks about his duties Mr.Frank.

Mr.Frank: I owe you my life sir.

BLACK: A Very clever answer. Isn鈥檛 it. Mr.Subramanyam.

Mr.Subramanyam: Frank is a clever man Sir.

BLACK: Haha your enemy (victim) is praising you Frank come on be proud (laughs).

Mr.Frank: These things will only possible with you sir.

BLACK: We were getting short of resources. We badly require land for our creatures.

Mr.Frank: I know sir.

BLACK: We will be leaving to the Island which was located at the Devil鈥檚 Triangle is a region in the western part of North Atlantic Ocean.

Mr.Frank: We are ready for it Sir.

BLACK: Good. We will be there before the fire ball ascend upon our lovely planet...

Krishna repairing the car as it has a lot of holes and dense smoke coming out of the engine.


Mobile Rings鈥
Sunny: Hello.Sandy..

Sunny are you all right? What happen in the morning? Why didn鈥檛 you receive your call? I was very much bothered about you. 鈥 Sandy

Sandy. Everything was fine now. I am sorry for what had happened in the morning. 鈥 Sunny

You have the right and I heard the news that Vizag was took over by BLACK Corp. 鈥 Sandy

Yes. It鈥檚 trues but our government will get the control of the situation again soon.鈥 Sunny

I hope so.. 鈥 Sandy (Interrupts..)

Sunny, everything was fine got to go.

Sunny: Ya, Will be there in few moments.

Sandeep: Sunny. Whoz that?

Sunny: My Friend. There鈥檚 a lot to tell about what happen in last few days Sundeep.

Krishna: Come on Sunny. It鈥檚 time to go.

Sunny sits in the car as Krishna starts the engine as they travel their journey.

Mobile Conversation Continues as she continues to explain everything鈥

Some moments later

Sandeep: Ok Sunny nice to have Krishna with you. John is spying on Dr. Frank since his arrival and he expects threat on America and seems he leaving in U.S in a couple of days and we will follow him all the way through. You be safe over there and where are now?

Sunny: Will be there in Vijayawada in 2 hours Sandy.

Sandeep: Ok. Don鈥檛 worry the days to come will be more beautiful. Take Care. Bye.

Sunny: Bye. Thanks.
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[Miami, U.S]

John: There. He is Ceasar.

Sandeep: Ok. What now?

John: We need to join his group.

Sandeep: Yes but how?

John: Here, wear this dress.

Sandeep: Ok but do you think this will work

John: Wear it..

They both wore the dress and starts to move towards Ceasar..

Sandeep: I hope we are successful here otherwise they will blow our brains out..

John: Don鈥檛 worry Sandy. Be confident.

As they continue to move towards the restricted police area one of the Ceaser men calls them ..

Hey. You guys come here. What are you doing here..as they replied 鈥楽iamo alla ricerca di Ceasar come noi vogliono unirsi al suo gruppo.鈥(We are looking for Ceasar as we want to join in his group.).

What? What are you saying? (As they start to push John and sandy very rudely)..John starts to shout Vogliamo unire il vostro gruppo. Cesare. Cesare.(We want to join your group) which accidently bought Ceasar鈥檚 attention towards the boys.

Ceaser: Who are they?

They are suspicious and wandering here and babbling your name..

Ceasar: Send them here.

Sandy and John went towards Ceaser.

Ceasar: Who are you?

John: Siamo in Italia e noi vogliamo unire il vostro gruppo e siamo dallo stesso luogo di provenienza Cesare.(We are from Italy and we want to join your group and we are from the same place you came from Ceasar.)

Ceaser: Quale parte d'Italia si 猫 da (Which part of Italy you are from?)
John: Firenze

Ceasar: Chi ti ha mandato qui? (Who sent you here?)

John: Vieri

Ceasar: Vieri 猫 ancora vivo? (Vieri is still alive?)

John: No. Lui 猫 il nostro amico di famiglia. I miei genitori ci ha suggerito di andare a voi e direil suo nome e si far脿 bene per noi. Credo che la loro convinzione si avvera. (No. He is our family friend. My parents suggested us to go to you and tell his name and you will do well for us. I believe their belief comes true.)

Ceasar: Essere un italiano devo credere ai miei persone che sono in Italia. Quali sono i vostrinomi?(Being an Italian I must believe my people who are from Italy. What are your names?)

John: Il mio nome 猫 Luigi ed 猫 Rossi (My name is Luigi and he is Rossi.)

Ceaser: Non si parla (Don鈥檛 he speak?)

John (Luigi): No. Lui non pu貌 parlare. Egli 猫 muto. (No. He cannot talk. He is dumb.)

Ceasar: Ok. Bene. Seguimi. (Follow me.)

As they followed Ceaser into the Headquarters..

BLACK: We have everything setup and waiting for attack.

Dr.Frank: We will attack from here (pointing the map).

BLACK: Ok. Good. Everything setup. Perfect. We will be starting in an hour to the Island.

Ceasar: Excuse me Mr.Frank. I have some new faces to assist us.

Mr.Frank: What? Who are they? Don鈥檛 you understand what鈥檚 going on here? No new buddies and we cannot trust anyone now.

Ceasar: They are from Italy. So you cannot trust people from Italy.

Dr.Frank: Italy. So what?....

BLACK Interrupts..

BLACK: Ceasar. Ask them to join from now and we will be leaving to the Island in an hour so be ready and you can have your men with you. We require people now.

Dr.Frank: But Black鈥

BLACK: With Kruger鈥檚 death we need more men and we can trust them.

Ceasar: Grazie BLACK.

Ceasar, John and sandy comes out of the room as Ceasar tells them Ok. 脠 possibile aderire da subito e ti verr脿 a l'Isola (Ok. You can join from now and you will be coming to the Island. )

John: Grazie Padre. (Thanks Father)

As Ceasar gave a hug to John and Sandy and went away鈥

John and Sandy came down running towards the road laughing jumping with joy ..

Sandy: Uff..That was close.(relaxing)

John: Grazie Padre..(Both laughing)..but the job yet not done sandy.

Sandy: Ok. Jokes apart we must inform the American Military Base that an attack is expected on north coast, New York and Mexico.

John: I will connect to it..


Hello. This is John. We want to connect with colonel.

What is your problem?

America is under attack.

Shuttt uppp and mobile conversation ended.

Sandy: Now what?

John: I won鈥檛 leave that easy Sandy. I have recorded the video.

Sending through mms..

Sandy: Whoa..How can you do it under such pressure?

John: It鈥檚 just depends on keeping our nerves cool sandy.

Sandy: Ok. Good work John.

Ceasar: (Luigi e Rossi. E 'tempo per noi di andare. Vieni su) Luigi and Rossi. It鈥檚 time for us to go. Come on.

John: S矛 prossimi padre. (Yes coming father.)

Everyone went to the ship as the ship starts its journey towards the mysterious Island in the earth.

The journey continues 鈥

Message Received: Good Work.

Sandy: What is it?

John: Message from the military base.

Sandy: Yes. I think we are successful.

John: May be but yet the job has to be done.

Sandy: Hey American army can easily wipe out these guys.

John: Yes but the damage will be done and you know according to the information around 40000 clones were kept underground and everyone was injected with X-Virus.

Sandy: Oh my god. This will be a huge task to control them which was equipped with heavy armory and 鈥

John: Ssshh! be Calm. Frank is watching us from behind.

Frank watches them for a moment (from a distance) and walks away..

John: Cesare. Dove siamo? Dove stiamo andando? (Ceasar. Where are we? Where are we going to?)

Ceasar: Siamo nel mezzo della Traingle Bermuda .. (We are in the middle of the Bermuda Traingle..)

John: che cosa??? (What???)

Sandy stares at Ceasar with eyes wide open but manages well by saying baaaeeahh..

Ceasar: Non. preoccupare Luigi Rossi e Luigi .. haha guardare alla espressione di Rossi,sembra cos矛 terrorizzata (Don鈥檛 worry Luigi and Rossi..Haha Luigi look at the expression from Rossi, looks so terrified.)

John: Qual 猫 stato qui Ceasare? (What was here Ceasar?)

Ceasar: An Island.

John: Qui? Dove? La mappa non la rappresenta neanche. (Here? Where? The map doesn鈥檛 represent it either. )

Ceasar: S矛. Esso non mostra. E 'un mistero. Siamo anche alla ricerca di essa. (Yes. It doesn鈥檛 show. It鈥檚 a mystery. We are also searching for it.)

John: Ok.

Freddy (Boy in the ship): We have located the place. BLACK orders everyone to dispatch their supplies.

Ceaser: Ok. Get back to your work.( Ok. Tornate al vostro lavoro. ) Everyone get back to your work.

As they reach their destination but they were no signs of any Island..

Suddenly with a warm glow in the distance .Everyone in the boat feels the heat of the object. It grows from the bottom of the sea to the tip as it look like its touching the giant ball as every brick of it is now visible to the normal human sight as everyone drops their jaw down in deep surprise.

Ceaser :Bello(Beautiful).

John: Wow! Did you see it Sandy..

Sandy: Can鈥檛 believe my eyes John.

It is really a beautiful sight to see as a big pyramid of around 10,000 feet above sea level which spread over wide space and about 50 kilo meters area of lush green land all around it, mesmerizing all the eyes of the people who are there on the boat. It is really the biggest pyramid I have seen in this earth. The place which was call as Devil鈥檚 triangle is now charming with its beauty as everything seems to be a mystery about this earth. The giant pyramid starts to crumble.

Now every brick of the pyramid starting to come off one by one from the top to the bottom as a lush green grass around the rocks of the pyramid was covered into hail of dust rising from the ground. Soon the dust disappeared as strong winds blow across the Island.

A big castle into our view as the pyramid is now completely disappeared. As some part of the Island is still transparent but we can sense there鈥檚 something to touch. It鈥檚 just like a magical world that one would never imagine. A large dragon seems to be real, welcoming us to Island at the gates of the huge castle.

BLACK: Welcome to the Island my dear Friends.

For a moment we forget that we are living on this earth. Now a creature come towards us to invite us into the castle as he seems like a man with huge skull and strongly built body as they were about 14 feet tall and some of them were very tiny as they were only 4 feet tall and the infants were about 2 feet tall. His eyes were completely dark and seem to have no white spot and his nose and ears was completely embedded into his face, only holes representing his ears and nose. The scenes were very dramatic as everyone was still in big surprise. They were very kind towards us as they welcome us and show us great hospitality while we are entering to the Island.

Soon we enter into the Castle鈥

A Very large man, heavily built with more muscular body but he is almost the same height as the remaining others in the dais addressing the event. He seems to be the leader of all these people.

A man who was very thin welcomes us to the Island and starts to explain about them..

My name is Gongalez.

Welcome to the new place in this old earth which looks pretty old by now. We are your ancestors. We were called Manusias. We were here 65 Million years ago before we left this earth in search of life into the vast and wide open space. Like you do we fought battles for land, food and pride. We have been watching you since last 400 years and we remain hidden in this earth. We were very much advanced, much more than you do now and we have paid the price of over civilizing and we lost everything in war and like a stone hitting the wound we were hit by many asteroids frequently which made us to leave this earth in search for life.

There was life in this vast space as we travel billions of light years into the space. We suffer for food, oxygen and water but finally we manage to build a new world in space which was several billion light years far away from earth. We settled there and we thought it is impossible for us to travel back to this earth. As you know there is nothing as we call impossible. The UFO鈥檚 you see frequently in recent times are from this place. This Island was designed 400 years back when we returned to this earth, it was completely different that we use to call as earth 65 million years ago. We found it difficult to breath, to live and the continents were formed due to a massive continental drift and the human population was increased drastically into billions. We found this place which suits our living conditions and we built our mansion here and we develop a virus for us which helps our lives more comfortable as our senses were now better to hold breath in this pretty reformed earth. We saw you destroy this earth atmosphere since last 400 years and we don鈥檛 want to this slip away from your hand. You are large in numbers and you are the supreme power in this earth. Many tried to reach this place but was unsuccessful and the only who was successful in now sitting here in front of us. It鈥檚 because of him we are in this position. His contribution for us is exceptional but our friends are coming back to this earth soon and we want our land back.

The hall stood silent for a moment after the speech..

Dr.Frank: Yes. We will give the land back but we can live together.

Gongalez replied to Frank, Yes, Earth is a fair place that we can live together but we don鈥檛 want our mistakes to repeat again and again as we have someone who has the creed to conquer this earth and rule this earth. So it has to be us at one place and the rest at another but we can them as our slaves if we succeed in our operation.

Dr.Horne: Well Gongalez, we have our problems and I don鈥檛 think our humans will accept your request.

Gongalez: You thought it is a request from us then see this..

Projector Movie..

America is no more a supreme power..It might be the end of the World.

Half of America was destroyed as many thousands were dead. This morning the hostile crowd attack America in various places as this attack was first started in Miami, New York and then carried out to all over America.

(Scenes that buildings collapsing and fire took place in some of the places and many people getting killed by others.. )

There were signs that these attacks were also took place in UK, Russia, China and Japan.

Every citizen of America has to fight for his nation as this announcement came from president of America later the incident was happened which motivates his nation as they started to get the things under control as many places were blocked and was in full security of army forces.

President of America: We were very sorry for the citizens of America and the threat was still there but our army is trying their best to get things under control. Every citizen of America must fight for the nation and I believe we will bring our nation free from this terror attacks..

John: Yes..(Yells loud)

This incident was more devastating than the previous incidents but the American army had done well to get the things under control considering the attack.

Dr. Horne: What is your offer for us if we accept your destiny?

Gangalez: Money, Pride, land and rule.

Everyone faces glow in anxiety but John seems very disappointed as his expressions show the world of sadness in his face..

Frank: Ceasar, I think one of your Italian mates is very passionate about America.

BLACK: I know that sandy can also speak Frank.

Ceaser: No. He doesn鈥檛 but sandy. He鈥檚 not sandy he is 鈥

They are not Italians Ceaser 鈥 BLACK.

Ceasar was now in complete shock..

Frank: Take them to the Prison.

Everyone after seeing what had happened to the nations seems to agree with Gongalez as he offers sovereign power for the one who contribute to their success but ceasar stood silent as everyone starts to celebrate with their new friends.

Ceasar himself took the boys to the prison..

Sandy: Ceasar, one thing, do you agree with them. Do you really want your nation to fall to the ground and your mother, brother and sister die in the hands of our enemies.

Ceaser: Shut up you idiots.(gripping the collar of the Sandy鈥檚 Shirt) Why did you cheat me.

John: I know you are a good man Ceaser but the things had changed you like this and I know you didn鈥檛 intend to kill Mindy and it鈥檚 the orders which make you to do such things.

Ceaser forcefully throws the boys into the cell and went away as the man there locks the door鈥

John: Sandy. Do you think we were lost?

Sandy: I don鈥檛 think so.

Ceaser came back and again orders the boy to open the door and says 鈥榦k. I can鈥檛 do it and if don鈥檛 there must be someone to rescue this earth and I believe you people is capable of doing it. Here take these keys. These are the keys of the door where there鈥檚 a boat for you to ride back to U.S. This night, you have to do it or else it will not possible forever.鈥

John hugs Ceaser and says Grazie Padre.

Ceasar: I will take care of these men you carry on..

Two men was there in the hall way as Ceasar calls them from behind standing at the door as he clears own path as we sneaks through the hall and we went down stairs.

Ceasar: Did you see Dr. Frank?

Guards: No.

Ceasar: Ok. Carry on your work.

The guards again moved back to the position.

As we move towards the ship there was Dr. Horne.

Dr.Horne: I expect you to be here boys but you are too late.

Ceasar: Leave the boys Horne. They have no part in this.

Dr.Horne: Ceasar. I think the virus might have damaged your brain.

Ceasar: Leave the boys before I blew your brain Horne.

Dr.Horne: I think I am the one who was equipped here

As Horne raises his gun towards Ceasar and John went sprinting towards Horne and tackles him but Horne was too good as he throws the john off as he has the superfluous strength of that virus in him.

Ceasar jumps into the ledge and jumps at Horne tackling him.

Boys get on the boat and get out of here. I will handle this. John and I quickly on the boat as the Dr. Boon shouts from behind Intruder! Intruder and raises the alarm. Soon Frank and BLACK into the site and they started firing at us but we were already on to the marine driving the boat away from them.

Farnk: Ceasar what have you done?

Ceasar: Rescuing my Nation and my world.

Frank: How dare you?

BLACK: Finish him.

As Dr.Boon raises the gun 鈥

Sandy and John travelled a long way through as they hear an echoing firearm sound and a body falling to the ocean from the ship.

John almost burst into tears as he salutes Ceaser and I do followed john.

As the moments passed by we reached the shore and found the cops at the shore pointing the guns towards us. I showed my ID proof and settle them that we are not infected.
John shows the videos that he had from the Island as everyone was now in ominous shock.

We need a plane. I know a way to control this situation. 鈥 Sandy.

Military Officer: How Soldier.

Our friend had an antidote to control this genocide. 鈥 Sandy

Where is he? 鈥 Soldier

He is in India and we need to get there as soon as possible. 鈥 Sandy

Ok, Captain. Michael will drive you through to India. 鈥 Soldier.

Mobile ringing
Sunny are you there? 鈥 Sandy

Yes. Sandy How are you? 鈥 Sunny

Ya we are fine and where are you? 鈥 Sandy

They are all around us Sandy. They are making clones. 鈥 Sunny

We are at their base. Krishna was also injured. He is suffering from it but still he manages to get control of it. 鈥 Sunny

Ok. Sunny but where are you? Do you the antidote? 鈥 Sandy

Yes we have it. We are at Vijayawada only, at your home. 鈥 Sunny

Ok. Stay there, be safe 鈥 Sandy.

Mobile Conversation ended.

Michael, we are running out of time and we need to reach there as soon as possible. - Sandy

Ok. Come on. 鈥 Michael.

20 hours later鈥

We enter into the Vijayawada and there were number of people with guns fighting with each other. Every one very similar and identical to each another.

Meanwhile, someone attacks us but the cops behind us had got full control of the situation.

Sunny. Sunny. Where are you? 鈥 Sandy

Sandy. I am here. 鈥 Sunny

What happen to him 鈥 Sandy

Krishna suffering from wounds鈥

Wounded because of the Mob.. 鈥 Sunny

Doctor. (as john calls for help and the medic taking care of Krishna.)

Ok. Where is the antidote formula? - Sandy

Here. 鈥 Sunny

Ok.. Come on. Come with us

We rushed into van along with sunny and Krishna..

John, Send those files to U.S. Military Database. - Sandy

Yup. On process. 鈥 John

According to these files it鈥檚 a formula name X6 will kill the virus inside the body and if doesn鈥檛 able to cure It will kill the person. 鈥 Sunny.

Ok. Good. We can save at least few. - Sandy

All the files uploaded successfully. 鈥 John

Good John. Now Michael when do we are going to launch again in U.S. 鈥 Sandy

We must reach Hyderabad as soon as possible and there was all setup for takeoff. - Michael.

The Indian army was everywhere and there was tight security between borders as the hostile crowd was only restricted to only particular areas which allow us to go pass through the borders very easily.

Sunny was there with Krishna as everyone in the bus concentrating in their things and John is busy with his communication system and it seems the only man in this bus who has no work is me.
Mr.Don 路 Apr 10, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
I switched On the TV.

Recent News:

Bermuda Triangle mystery was unleashed as the Manusias made the world to know about their presence in this earth and they announced that their race on this earth will start to grow again as they continue to track our communication system

Europe, China, Japan and Russia successful in controlling the further grown but they were unable to handle with the occupied areas.

Half of the African countries were occupied..

Sandy: Oh god! This is not good news.

We must stop this Cloning.

Sandy Check this message. We made it. 鈥 John

Message Received:
Good Job Soldiers. The formula for X6 gas was received and the measure to start the progress was taken. Sandeep and John, you must return to the base as we will fly through the Bermuda triangle.

[Island, Bermuda Traingle]

BLACK: We must destroy this satellite communication system.

L Apollo: No. It is the only barrier between us and to this earth. The signals we send will allow our friends travel easier and find this place.

BLACK: Ok, my Lord. I respect your thought but the communication is the best asset for them.

L Apollo: Wait for our men. Later everything that belongs to these humans will be destroyed

Active our Satellite Communication system I want to convey a message to our friends...

BLACK: Connecting Master.. (Through satellite communication to all around the world.)

L Apollo: To the well civilized humans that has been conquering this earth from last millions of years. We are your ancestors. We were called manusias. We lived in this earth few billions years ago and now we were back. We have been living in this earth Hidden in this same place as you call it devil鈥檚 triangle and we are free now. The UFO鈥檚 you see are from our Island and the technology you possess are a part of our brilliance. We are watching you destroying this place from the last 400 years and we can鈥檛 bear it no more and we want to take it back as our friends are arriving soon. We don鈥檛 want to live hidden any more as you must leave this earth but we give you humans a choice to serve our manusias and can live in this earth but if any one disagrees with us, this will be the starting of the destruction of this great earth.

Satellite Communication ended..
Mr.Don 路 Apr 10, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO

[Area 51, Nevada, U.S]

Military Officer: We have dispatched many troops all across America to get the control of the Situation Sir.

Military Commander: Good. Does the boy arrive to the base?

Military Officer: Not yet sir. According to the information, they will arrive shortly.
Military Commander: Ok. Alert our troops. Soon we gonna attack the Mystery Island.

Military Officer: Everything was set and ready sir.

[Las Vegas, U.S]

Sunny: So you guys have done a great job saving this world.

Sandy: I am not. John did.

John: but Ceasar鈥檚 incident was a disappointment. He sacrificed for us.

Sunny: Calm down John. Did you forget of he done to Mindy. He鈥檚 just rectified his mistake.

Sandy: Sunny don鈥檛 talk like them. We are humans.

Sunny: Yes I thought of being a human until Krishna got injured.

Sandy: Thanks Krishna. You did a great job.

Krishna: Ha. I have done all I can do.

Moments later..

[Area 51, Nevada, U.S.]

Military Officer: Welcome to Area 51. Name?

Sandy: Sandy..

Military Commander: Let them in.. Let them in..

Military Soldier: Yes sir. Open the gate. ( As he opens the door and let us in.)

Military Soldier2: The sample was tested sir and it was working very well.

Military Commander: Good News. John you have a great part in this.

John: Yes sir. I know. I will do my best.

Military Commander: Yes. This girl will assist you as you might already know her.

鈥淐hristy鈥 as everyone shouts loud with delight.

Christy: Hello Sunny, John, Sandy. I am really happy to see you guys.

Military Commander: Guys. Listen this is a secret military operation we have an UFO in our base. The Pyramid there can only open when it senses an UFO and it is the only means that we can enter into that Island. The Island will become visible after only the pyramid starts to open and you need to land there safe and our soldiers will enter into the site and destroy our enemies.

Krishna: Sir but I don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 a good idea. It involves high risk

Military Commander: Who is he John?

Sandy: He鈥檚 my friend. He is also a Police officer.

Military Commander: We will talk later Mr. Krishna about good ideas and John you must be successful.

Every one into the UFO鈥

As everyone enters into it 鈥

[Night, Bermuda Triangle]

Within minutes UFO reaches its spot in the Bermuda Triangle. The Pyramid senses the presence of UFO and again the invisible Island ravishes the people there and we landed on the Island.

But soon many men surround us equipped with Nuclear weapons. Our army forces releases the tear gas combined with X6 gas into the atmosphere as everyone went for cover. A few fires were shot into the air. Soon the Manusias surrounded us but we were placed in correct spots that no one can get hit. Our sniper men sniped two of the Manusias from cover as it wakes the L Apollo. Dr.Boon enters the site with nuclear acid and sprays aimlessly along the area as it kills 4 of us and they began to take control but over soldiers.

L Apollo then uses his giant muscular body and hits the ground as everyone crumbled to the ground.

L Apollo: This is my place, my earth. No one can challenge me here.

As our armed forces shoots at him as lead begun to tear his body but he remained still as his big giant body slowly starting to crumble. Everyone in the Island alerts with this incident and all starts running towards L Apollo. (everyone crying and sobbing Apollo鈥檚 name)
This place gone mad and everyone fired aimlessly at us but our army kept their nerves cool as they eliminate one by one of the Mob. Soon the place gone quiet as L Apollo screams loud.(BLACK)...

L Apollo: You cannot win this war. These weapons cannot kill me.

Christy: Yes. They can鈥檛 unless the bullets get filled with X6 gas.

John: War is a part of your life Apollo. We don鈥檛 want war. We are humans. We believe in values and morals. You cannot just rule by killing people. Come learn Love and respect and you can die in peace in this earth but don鈥檛 expect us to leave this earth. Earth is our mother home. We born here and we will die here.

As these words irritates L Apollo and he slashes his hand hard at John as he falls 15 feet away from L Apollo. Soon Christy ran towards John.

Christy: Are you alright John.

John coughs blood and says 鈥淵ou lost it Apollo. You lost this war but just didn鈥檛 accepting it. Go back, Go to your place. This earth is not safe for you anymore.鈥

BLACK comes firing and screaming from behind as the military officers surrounds John and Christy and counter attacks at BLACK as BLACK dodges out of the way and went for cover and begins to fire again.

One of the officers turns ON the mechanism of the UFO as all the officers make their way back into the UFO covering John and Christy into it, leading their way into the UFO.

BLACK continues his assault on the UFO but only until the UFO disappear.

BLACK: Master. Why did you come out?

L Apollo: I can鈥檛 just hold back seeing my people dead in the war.

BLACK: You might have waited and call me.

L Apollo: Yes but The boy, he鈥檚 true, we fought many wars but we never gain love among the people. They served us but not with love. I know it. We never improved with war and I don鈥檛 think we will either. I think we must stop this war. (L Apollo coughs some blood..)

BLACK: The fear of death had faded you mind Master. I have spent a lot of money and time for this and I can鈥檛 take it back and we cannot take it back now. Everything was over and it鈥檚 only a few steps from now.

L Apollo: Yes BLACK. I underestimated your human race but you must know these steps are very dangerous and you cannot win.

BLACK: Yes Master. I can鈥檛 if I believe in a philosopher like you. Bye Master.

As BLACK neck snaps the giant L Apollo鈥

Everyone around L Apollo terrorized with the incident.

BLACK declares himself that he is the new emperor of this world.

BLACK: Dr. Boon call all of our troops. We must get ready for the war.

Dr. Boon: Sir. We didn鈥檛 have much time to prepare for the war.

BLACK: As our enemies didn鈥檛 have it either. Come on get ready for the war.

Dr. Boon: Yes sir.

[Area 51, Nevada, U.S]

As when the UFO lands on the ground everyone was cheering John. John. John.

John, Christy and all the military officers were off the plane.

Everyone lifts John but he holds his back. Not feeling comfortable with his back.

Soon Military Commanders call a doctor as he starts to examine John..

Christy: John is really a brave man.

Sandy: I know that he is brave and I was there with him when we go to the Island last time.

Sunny: We were glad that you all returned back home.

Christy: I am really lucky to see you all friends.

Krishna: Congrats Christy for your success.

Christy: It鈥檚 John鈥檚 more than mine.

Krishna: I have miscalculated the issue.

Krishna: What about BLACK? Is he dead?

Christy: No Krishna. BLACK is still alive. We have escaped from his attack.

Krishna: What?? Oh god this is not good.

Commander, Commander come here.. Our signals were hacked. - Soldier

Commander: What was happening out there?

Teleport Conference:

Good News Commander. It鈥檚 time for you to meet the new emperor of this world Mr. BLACK.

Commander: BLACK. What are you doing?

BLACK: You ask me what I am doing; I think your jinx had started commander. If you are brave enough try to stop this war.

Commander: You will lose this BLACK.

BLACK you will lose this .. Lose this.. Lose that.. How many times you might have told the same word to me commander but unfortunately I have never lost a battle at war. 鈥 BLACK.

Commander: Don鈥檛 play games with human lives BLACK. It鈥檚 not safe for you.

BLACK: Tell me Commander. I need some more advices commander.

Commander: Your country will turn into ashes in a few moments commander.

You want to see it Live. Here we go..

As two Nuclear missiles hit Mexico and Arizona..

As the Arizona area was too near for them they can feel the heat from the distant鈥

BLACK: I think you can feel the heat commander. This is only the begun. I can kill you all at once but I like to see you killed one by one.

Through International Satellite Communication

BLACK: My dear People. Attack everybody and kill each and every body that comes in our way.

Let the Bloodshed begin.

Commander: This is only the end for you BLACK.

Teleconference ends..

Commander: This thing is gripping out of our hands Sandy.

Krishna: Don鈥檛 worry commander I have a plan.

Military soldier: John鈥檚 broken his back Sir.

Commander: Bullshit. Dammit. What Krishna? What is your plan?

Krishna: Activate the Teleconference with all the presidents across the world commander and I need high speed jets to spread X6 all across the world.

Commander: Seems we have no choice. Activate the conference and invite all the presidents of their respective nations to come online.

Teleconference activated..

Connecting to the server..

President of America Online..
President of Russia Online..
President of Italy Online..
President of China Online..
President of Germany Online..
President of Spain Online鈥
President of Pakistan Online鈥
鈥︹︹︹..All presidents Online..
All Connections connected.

Krishna: Good Morning to all the respected presidents of their respective nations. We are facing a severe problem these days as the people infected by virus and cloning were attacking the normal citizens of the country and with the recent nuclear attacks on U.S. it was clear that they are ready for war and we should be ready for it as well.

Any country could be destroyed any second and we request to allow our planes into your country so that we can fight each other.

Russian President: According to the rules of my nation I could say I might disagree but considering the situation. Yes we will co - operate with the fellow nations and fight for the war.

China President: We are glad to have support from our fellow nations as we also suffered from these attacks. Let鈥檚 fight this war together.

India President: We are all humans and good thing is we are together at this dangerous situation and I hope we can get of this war all together.

Pakistan President: It鈥檚 great to fight with our fellow nations all together. It鈥檚 time to show what human power is.

As every President except some among some accept the deal.

Commander: Yes. That鈥檚 good.

Now Commander, order our men to fill the planes with X6 gases. Fill all the spray gun with X6. Come on who says we cannot win this war. This is our land. John said we born here and we die here but not in their hands and not this day.

Military Commander: Fill all the planes with X6 gas and equip your guns with X6 gases.

Ready our planes to attack鈥

Military Soldier: Everything was setup and ready for attack Sir.

Military Commander: Then what are you waiting for Go. Attack and break the spine of those ba*t*r*s.

Every soldier with great optimism gets into the plane.

Jets flying everywhere spraying X6 gas in every part of the world.

Soldiers patrol the streets spraying the X6 gas as the Mob dies with bubbles coming out of their skin and some loosing conscious ness(less infected people). The clones one by one were killed. Some shot dead as in the process some soldiers were also injured and some dead.

The X6 gas was distributed to almost all parts of the globe as UFO is used to distribute the gas.

BLACK lost his nerve and blasts nuclear attacks on Europe and Africa and Russia.

Gongalez came towards BLACK and gives advice..

BLACK, I think we lost it. They were here and we cannot resist our defeat.

BLACK: No It can鈥檛 be. No one can defeat BLACK (Cries loud at Gongalez)鈥

Gongalez drops his head down (thinking they have made a mistake returning to earth choosing BLACK as an ambassador for the development of their race to spread in this earth.)

BLACK: Now India..

BLACK was now hit by someone from behind鈥

Sandy: You should never have that thought on your mind BLACK.

BLACK: You freak. It鈥檚 your end now.

Gongalez: BLACK. Good Bye. We are leaving from this earth as he activates the self 鈥揹estruct machine and went away in an UFO along with their families.

BLACK: Bloody cowards..

Sandy: Your end is near BLACK.

Sandy beats up BLACK in face twice but BLACK couldn鈥檛 even feel it as BLACK throws Sandy far away鈥

Sandy understands the situation and starts running away from BLACK but BLACK being a strong athlete and with that virus inside him catches Sandy and twists his arm back and breaks it.

Dr.Horne and Dr. Boon lying there dead..

BLACK: How it feel Sandy? How it feel? Painful ? Is it painful?

Meanwhile BLACK was hit with a bullet from his back and BLACK turns back鈥

Sunny: Does that hurt BLACK?

BLACK: well well well..! See who it is, hot chick with guns trying to kill the emperor of this world.

Many shots now fired at BLACK as the military soldiers shoot him as BLACK receives a hail of bullets and he falls down.

Sunny holding his arm moving closer to Sandy鈥

Meanwhile several UFO鈥檚 appear in Space鈥

Sandy: I think we had problems

As Every Soldier points their guns towards the space but Sunny was waving at them.

Sunny: They are here not to do harm for us this time Sandy. They were here to just say Goodbye.

Gongalez send them a signal not to come here. This place is not safe.

As Sunny holds Sandy鈥檚 arm 鈥

I do also have no vacancy Sandy.. 鈥 Sunny.

Yes. I Know 鈥 Sandy.

It was all yours Sandy 鈥 Sunny.

BLACK rises to his feet again laughing at Sandy but this time Sandy made no mistake as he blew his brain out with his right hand holding a shotgun鈥

Sunny: I think we still had work to do.

Sandy: Yes. I almost forgot. Get to the UFO.

20 seconds later鈥.

Booom!!Boom!! A big blast.

BLACK is dead.

It was like fireworks in a holy night for all over the world. The major threat was lifeless now.

They returned back to the earth safe.

Holding their hands. Congratulating each other. Jumping with joy鈥

But the only people suffering here was John with broken back, Krishna with wounded leg and Sandy with Broken arm but they will feel something special about themselves and feel proud of themselves.

Each corner of the streets all across the world was cleared and washed away which were completely with blood couple of nights ago is now with good hope and cluster with joy as this war bought togetherness among each other, every nation, every individuals will now feel that everyone are humans and everyone is equal.

Some are praying for gods that were now out of this situation safe. Some are praying for the ones who lost their lives in this war鈥

Finally all the victims were convicted but still there鈥檚 one still not yet found.

A steamer boat at a distant and a man on it.. His steamer was out of Fuel..

Frank: Anybody there? Help! Help! Help me. Please (Crying)

[New York, U.S]

Sunny & Christy: It鈥檚 time for some injections guys..

Injections.. No鈥.Please.No鈥rishna, Sandy and John screams loud..

Sunny: I am glad it鈥檚 over.

Sandy: Yeah everyone will.

Military Commander: Hello Guys. Surprise to see me here..

John: No sir you are welcome.

Military Commander:

I have few announcements for you

Sunny 鈥 The American government will help to raise funds if you want to establish a hospital in any part of the world or you can collect 10million dollars cast reward from the government.

John - You were appointed as Colonel of U.S Military.

Sandeep 鈥 You were awarded 2 million dollars from American Government.

Christy 鈥 You got a reward of 1 million dollars.

Krishna 鈥 You got a different invitation. Indian government announces your name as colonel to their Indian army and American government announces a reward of 5 million dollars.

I hope you all like your offers.

Every one cherished with joy 鈥

Military Commander: 鈥淔riends the biggest achievement you have made is you bought this world all together and if we fight with the same unity I hope this world will last long and there won鈥檛 be any silly writer writing about the end of the world.鈥

Krishna: 鈥淪ir, war is not our strength. We should stop the researches that can cause harm to human race and people like BLACK can easily destroy the world if we encourage and develop this kind of nuclear power. I am not saying against development of our armed forces but it must be controlled development.

Military Commander: Ok Commander we will follow your commands and you have done a great Job to bring back this earth to its normal state.

Krishna: You too sir. You are the real heroes. Every soldier deserves this victory.

John: Thank you sir.

[All countries, Earth.]

Every one salutes for the people and soldiers for those that have sacrificed their lives in this war for their country. Hope their soul rest in peace.
Mr.Don 路 Apr 11, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
As some of the CEans complained about the length of the story as it was too big and very much complicated to give a review.I tried my best to reedit and the opening parts of the story which were posted was edited here in CE. So that CEans might feel better and more comfortable to understand the story better.
Saandeep Sreerambatla
Saandeep Sreerambatla 路 Apr 12, 2011
Rank A2 - PRO
Very nice!

I read everything at a strech. Very nice work !!
Mr.Don 路 Apr 12, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Very nice!

I read everything at a strech. Very nice work !!
Thanks ES.
PraveenKumar Purushothaman
Rank A1 - PRO
Man!!! Awesome story... I wish I saw the Black Corps somewhere over Vizag!!! 馃槢
Mr.Don 路 Apr 12, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Man!!! Awesome story... I wish I saw the Black Corps somewhere over Vizag!!! 馃槢
Thanks .What about making a visit to the Mystery Island in Bermuda Triangle. 馃槢
PraveenKumar Purushothaman
Rank A1 - PRO
dileep k
Thanks .What about making a visit to the Mystery Island in Bermuda Triangle. 馃槢
Yeah, sure... We'll think about it... (escapes...)
Mr.Don 路 Apr 17, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
馃榿This Story was posted in my Blog.馃榿
PraveenKumar Purushothaman
Rank A1 - PRO
Wow!!! Send me the link!!! 馃榾 And what about the storyboard???
Mr.Don 路 Apr 17, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
The link is now visible in my signature Praveen.
PraveenKumar Purushothaman
Rank A1 - PRO
Yeah!!! Got it... 馃榾 Will say about the storyboard soon... An example of a storyboard will be like this...
storyboards - Google Search
Mr.Don 路 Apr 17, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Yeah!!! Got it... 馃榾 Will say about the storyboard soon... An example of a storyboard will be like this...
storyboards - Google Search
Oh. Lot of work still to go but I will create it as well. It will be challenging.
PraveenKumar Purushothaman
Rank A1 - PRO
Try creating it by hand... I know a friend of mine, who did all those work by himself...
Mr.Don 路 Apr 17, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Thanks.Got it and I will do it. 馃榾
PraveenKumar Purushothaman
Rank A1 - PRO
dileep k
Thanks.Got it and I will do it. 馃榾
Waiting for your storyboard stuff... 馃榾 Eagerly!!! 馃榾
Mr.Don 路 Apr 19, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Yes Praveen. I also don't want to keep you waiting. Here's the Story Board.


Story Board | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Mr.Don 路 Apr 20, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Story Board

Here's the zip file.
PraveenKumar Purushothaman
Rank A1 - PRO
dileep k
Story Board

Here's the zip file.
Thanx... 馃榾
Mr.Don 路 Apr 20, 2011
Rank A3 - PRO
Soon I will prepare the comical version of the Story Here's Chapter 1 馃榾
PraveenKumar Purushothaman
Rank A1 - PRO
dileep k
Soon I will prepare the comical version of the Story Here's Chapter 1 馃榾
Nice one! 馃榾

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