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Hello Ceans, Many of you are familiar with this thread(story) but according to the suggestion of a CEan I've rewritten my Story. This is the Prologue of it. Please rate it if you like it.

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[Location Unknown]

Strong winds were blowing through the mountain ranges, high tides jumped up as if they were trying to escape from earth’s solemnity.It’s very dark indeed, even the moon’s trying to escape into the cloud and a thick mist covered the beauty of the green lands and the natural scenic of the mystic place. The air was very cold and salty and a pair of Black sails was rowing through the dangerous Briny. Heavy breeze lashed, making the ocean tides to unrest. It sounded like they were humming in unison, a welcome song for an unlikely guest. The mist slowly started to disappear and makes way for the sails and with a glance appeared a ravishing Island.

“It is a floating Island” A crew member screamed.

“That’s it we have reached the destination Captain” Another crew member addressed.

“We are in the middle of the Devil’s Triangle. Welcome to the Island people.” The captain noted with a smile.

Devil’s Triangle, the place where many strange things started to happen, the things which lay out as mysteries for many years and stood unknown till
date.The list had started to grow from the time since Columbus first entered into this place in 1492 where he saw some bright lights and magnetic deflections at some points. After, It was the time when things started to twist and the myth had began on 5[SUP]th[/SUP] of December, 1945 when a group of five aircraft mysteriously disappeared; flight 19 was a routine training machine where a US navy top ship and submarine killer which was robust and reliable which left for ordered island at 10 past 2 on a clear vintage afternoon,four hours after they took off and they vanished into thin air. Adding the worst the rescue plane took off into the darkening skies also disappeared.

After a massive search no wreckage was found and nothing was ever heard from them again till now. Over the last 60 years this mystery has sustained the wildest theories about what strangest forces could be at work out here. Legend has it that the triangle covers the seas between Miami the island of Bermuda and Puerto Rico an area of one and half million square miles. Many efforts were made to reveal and terminate the mystery and many scientific theories had build up describing the consequences that can occur in this place but they looked to be equally superficial. The efforts were made to conceal the issue but it never looked as it’s going to end. Many adventurous efforts, which were made by voyagers through sea ways and through air ended in a disaster.

No one went there had returned but ultimately some thing unusual had happened with an unlikely person discovering a place which is unknown to the rest of the world. A place which was lying on our very earth, hidden bearing some deadly creatures, who are eagerly waitingfor the time to conquer the earth. Now its time for them and they are ready to conquer this earth.

“Drop the anchor, prepare to land” Captain ordered the crew.

[At the coast of the Island]

A tall man with his arms strong, firm was standingnear the roaring sea shore enjoying the pleasant early morning winds.

“This place is really great!” exclaimed the man.

“There are still many other things in this universe that you have to see. This is only an instance.” A strong, unclear voice replied the tall man.

“How long we still need to wait Master?”

“As long as it could take but I can see your progress. It might not take much time from now.”

“Yes Master, we can launch if it is time. I’m only waiting for your orders master.”

“You need no word or command. You have the virus and artilleries and you know what to do.”

A tall creature similar to ancient man but with more muscle, heavy broad elliptical skull and grey color body standing about 14 feet height with mantle over his head and dark wide eyes gives a perilous smile.

“Thanks Master. I won’t give up until the job’s done.” Mr. K replied watching his Master.

“I know. You won’t. Yes but the job still not yet done.”

“It will be completed soon, we are growing fast but you must keep your promise Master.”

“I will for sure butthe Black corp. must be destroyed.” The creature’s eyes became much darker and its body leaves the mantle moving its tail like it was cutting the air and its fuzz was all over its head, down to back of its body leaving a horrible site for any creature to see.

“It will no longer stand with its own dust.”

“Soon this earth will be ours once again” Creature looks at the rising sun saidwitha raised voice.

“That day will come soon Master.”

“Our friends are coming back to this earth and you can expect for our next commencement soonMr. K.”

“Yes. It is very good news for us.” Mr. K said with a hesitation thinking something in his mind.

“Yes. Yes. It is very good news but the job not yet done. The empire still not yet conquers the land which belongs to his people and the visitors are approaching.”

“I know it is time Master.”

“They will be very happy if this is a gift by the time of their arrival. I hope you will return with good news.”

“I will only return with good news which brings pride and honor for our empire Master.”

“I know you will” Creature replied with a grin in its face and suggests Mr. K towards the ships.Mr. K went back to his shipand commands his men to sail
into the deep blue brine and the sails proceed their way into the high tides of the Atlantic Ocean.

“We cannot trust him. He looks very avaricious.” Another creature which is almost the same height of the one standing there said.

“We do not trust him.”

“Why we require help from this man? Why don’t we go for war on these humans? They are weak in front of our armed force.”

“War is not an option for us.A direct war will bring us loss and damage to this lively earth. We can spread our race in this earth with this virus and make them slaves to our race”

The other creaturereplies with a grin“I know you will always have a plan and I hope your plan work well Master Apollo”

“If not, war will be our only option” the other creature warns Master Apollo.

“And ultimately victory will be ours.” Apollo said glaring at the other creature and bursts out an evil laugh.

The laugh of Master Apollo echoed through all parts of the Island. The might and powerful laid hidden all these years had decided it’s time and started its moves to conquer the most beautiful place in the Milky Way galaxy. For all the power it had a wily ambassador to fulfill its dreams. From the infinite galaxies to the earth, war had been fought and none had come out of it victorious but only time will tell who will win this battle, through war or by submission ultimately change is inevitable. The mist grows dense and the Island had started to disappear into the thin air andwith a bright glance it vanished in to atmosphere like a charm casted on it by a highbrow witch. The Devil’s Triangle again aroused with fear of the serenity from the ocean tides and the mystery remains hidden deep in the heart of the Trio.


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    Manhattan Street
    “My dear Citizens of America. I would like to invite with great honor and respect our beloved President of America to address this event.” The Speaker addressed the press meet.

    “Good evening Citizens. Today is an eventful day. This research in Genetic Engineering is just a starting for new era that will liberate our pride and honor all across the World. America stands for the people and whenever the problem arises no matter what race or religion they were we stood for them. Yet again our scientist with a group lead by Dr. Subramanyam had achieved an impossible event. This word may soon disappear from dictionary if we continue our progress by achieving our goals in our future. Our lead scientist and his team had done a great work to accomplish this great achievement which had made whole America proud. I hope soon the tests they were conducted on various subjects will bring good results and will help for the development of mankind. In this occasion I would like to thank Dr. Frank, associate and sponsor for this research on behalf of Black corp. and Dr. Subramanyam and his team for this success. Thank you. May god blesses you and may god bless United States of America.” Mr. President completes his propaganda and left the area.

    “Now our lead scientist will speak a few words.” SpeakerNoted.

    Everyone gathered attention towards the stage while a fat guy with old fashioned glasses and bald head makes his way towards the mike. The silence attenuated because of the media people.

    “Good Evening People. This research on human race will make any virus to be ineffective with human body so that our human body is more immune and healthier than before and another research with the stem cells that were obtained in the card blood of the Umbel cord will be stimulated more effectively so that we can replace any of the damaged or swelled part in our human body almost in an instant.”

    Everyone applauds the work of the Doctors and scientists. Mr.Subram pauses for a while looking at the media people letting out a strained and concerned expression.

    “Now because of this research in addition to this we can change the genetic stimuli of human DNA as we can also control the growth of human body as we can prolong the life or we can delay the death of human but it won’t last long as you can expect.”Again a slight buzz created in the room. Some media people fired questions about the experiments.

    “Experiments are conducted to improve the result and the final results will be achieved on 21[SUP]st[/SUP] of September. So with only a week to launch I would like to announce that in this research all the previous tests were successful and it is likely that this facility will be available by the end of...”

    A media boy interrupts the speech…

    “Sir, this is a great achievement but it was reported that already with control of DNA leads to unlikely changes in human life style and if this goes to the hands of terror then it might backfire our research.” A media boy asks Dr. Subram.

    “We were reported only the authorized persons can use this facility and the formula is kept secret. There is no matter toconcern regarding this facility.”

    “But sir what if…? There is no guarantee that it won’t” Another Media person continues

    “With the security we provide to this formula I can assure that it won’t go to any other hands that will cause insecure to law and order.“

    “But is this necessary process with the amount of population that was recorded in various countries?” A young boy from Media chamber asked Dr. Subram.

    Everyone in the room stared at the media boy who asked that question. He shrugs his shoulders with an arrogant smile.

    “Do you know what you are asking? Are we dealing with population? We are working for better human existence in this very earth. Any more questions kid?”

    “No. Thanks sir.” The media man startled with the reply of Dr. Subram but manages to smile back and it’s not the same one which he did before asking the question.

    “Well. Thanksto US government for giving us this opportunity with out their supportthis wouldn’t have possible and I would like to thank Black corp. and Dr. Frank in particular on this occasion. All this success is only because of him and thanks to other entire team that worked for this project.”

    Dr.Subramanyam leaves the room while speaker addresses the end for the meet and all the media people tried to gather around the doctor but he manages to vacate the area with out giving any answers. After some time every one had left the area where the young kidwho got a rash answer walks out of the room thinking that he might have already lost the job with the questions he had asked at the press meet. He manages to reach out of the scenario and calls a “Taxi”and a taxi near by stops.

    “John’s shop” He said and boarded into it.

    [John’s shop]

    “Welcome to the new era of genetic engineering and now the evolution of bio genetics begun as an American Bio Genetics lab named Black corp. invented a new way for controlling human DNA for the purpose of better existence of human in this earth…”TV listening’s.

    “Could you please switch off that bull shit?”Media boy shouts loud.

    “Why so anger pal, thinking about the job. Don’t worry you won’t loose it for sure. You are the only one asked that question and it’s a good one actually” John replied with a mocking smile.

    “I know but they didn’t like me asking that questions.”

    “Oh. Don’t worry Sandy. You are brave and you did your job.” John can’t help himself laughing at sandy

    “Hm...Yes that’s right but can you please stop laughing. I don’t like these inventions anyway.” Sandy yells out and relaxed on the futon.

    “Here pal. Take this. What made you think like that, any jealous feeling from inside? ” John calms Sandy by giving him a cappuccino.

    “No! But I can smell a rat with Dr. Subram’s speech. He doesn’t seem alright.”

    “Oh come on. He’s your scientist. You don’t have belief on your own people.”

    “No. No. I do but he looked very nervous today. When I met him last time he’s not the same. He’s a very confident person I can ever see but it’s not there.”

    “You people are always like this. Can’t say how you guys will be”

    “What do you mean by you people John, Discrimination?” Sandy said with a small smile in his face.

    “No. I didn’t mean it. You are the best friend I can ever have but I’m saying it in general” John tries conceal the topic.

    “I don’t know the meaning of General John” Sandy raises his hand and grabs John wrists turning them over.

    “Okay. Okay. Don’t get bog down. We are proud of what we are, don’t you? Come on sandy. Say the truth.” John mocks sandy.

    “Yeah, Yeah you will know what the truth is after my fist makes contact with your face.” Sandy replied back.

    “Oh guys come on cool down. Don’t behave like greenhorns.” A girl appeared in front of them with a tray in her hands.

    “Kristen, save me. See what’s Sandy’s doing.”

    Sandy leaves john’s arm and said “He started it first.”

    “What? You must be joking. I didn’t. I am busy with my work.” John escapes from the scene.

    “Oh come on guys. We have a lot of work to do and Sandy, did you forget,Sunny is coming today.”

    “Wow! I didn’t but I almost. Oh sorry. Kristen you are really superb. Come on tell me what you want me to do” Sandy became very excited as soon as he heard that name.

    Kristen smiles and said“Well. What about a party tonight.”

    “Party, Wow! Amazing I’m in” John rushed back.

    “Okay. Okay. We have a sponsor here and I also have no problem coming.” Sandy mocked John.

    “What? Oh no. I think I have some work today, Kristen and I am actually thinking…”

    Sandy grabs John’s neck and circles it with his shoulder around it, shuts his mouth with his hand…

    “Hey. Hey. I’m actually saying the truth.” John hardly said struggling for breath.

    “Don’t act smart John” Kristen said smiling at each other.

    Sandy leaves him and John stood smiling at both of them.

    “You’ve very tight man. Okay then where we are going to have a party tonight.” John questions Sandy moving his arm around his neck.

    “Well. You decide.” Sandy replied.

    “But only after the completion of our work.” Kristen suggested the boys.”

    “Coca Bingo” John recommended.

    “Okay Coca Bingo. It’s already hitting 5. Let’s get started Friends.” Kristen finalizes.

    After some preparation all three went back to their work enjoying every moment of their work.

    Sandy has the lower share of the work burden as he is best cook in their hotel. He came to US for his post graduation study while he’s doing his par time job in john’s shop and in the absence of Sandy, John had to do all the cocking by himself which is a routine.John’s father was one of the richest men in the city but later he died in an operation while serving his country and now John’s running a hotel for clearing all the debts that his father had made. John had lost most of the money through parties and betting where he was habituated from his childhood but later he realized that the position is not the same after his father’s departure. He spent years thinking what to do next but later he came to know that he requires money to survive in this big city and started this hotel with the help of his friends.

    Kristen, name which can easily become a synonym for the word beautiful. Have you ever heard about Kristen Stewart and she’s a xerox copy of her. Her blue eyes shines like pearls and her smile can break any heart in the world. She always did appear like a fallen angel from heaven for John and Sandy and in fact she is the most beautiful girl that they had ever seen and that’s what saved her life. Yes there’s darkness hidden in this flawless beauty and it was the darkest days in her life where she had nothing to loose because she had lost everything in a mob attack.

    His father was a gangster. He killed many with his gun and died with the same. She had suffered a lot for all his deeds.She tried to live away from her father but the things didn’t allow her to and her beauty adds a lot to that. She had seen greatest depths in her life. A gangster who’s working in the same mob of his father’s asks her for a date which she denied very softly. She thought it was over but it didn't. He was a traitor in the mob and lead to death of the entire mob. She begged to leave her father alone but he didn’t. He didn’t end it there either and tried to enjoy her where she ran away for her life. She ran and ran but she didn’t manage to get away much far.

    He managed to find her and drags her to the road.This was where everything started to change in her life. John sees her for the first time and fell into her magic. She’s screaming on the road and he was drinking some love juice. A weird way to start a love story but it happened in quite a different way instead. John went towards him to stop but the traitor was in no mood to listen as he gives nice reply with his fist hitting straight in his stomach. John struggles and thought of giving it back but he didn’t. He asks for help and finally grabs an iron rod from the car near byand hits the traitor straight into his skull. The traitor is very strong but his head, not enough. He fells face first to the ground. John took Kristen to his shop and it shocked Sandy with the amount of risk he took for her. Sandy didn’t accept the girl with them at first but later he understood her position and that also created some problems for them. John could’ve hit the traitor very hard in a vital part, next daythe police found him dead.They didn’t took much time to find Kristen as they came straight to John’s shop and Kristen became approver that day where she took over the accuse on behalf of John but John didn’t allow her to as he pulled strings of his father’s and spent about 20K $ to save her. From that day Kristen, John and of course Sandy became very good friends, helping each other, enjoying every moment of their life and sharing their problems.

    Meanwhile Sandy’s mobile rings…

    “Kristen, can you please pick up the phone.” Sandy shouted from the dining room.

    “I’m busy with Customers here. John, will you?” Kristen went to one of the table and serving the ordered pizza.

    “Okay. I’m coming up.” John went to counter and answered Sandy’s mobile.

    “Hello.” A sweet and lovely voice vibrated from the mobile nozzle.

    John eyes grew wide, Wow! He thinks “Hello! Who’s this” He said.


    “Wow!” John exclaimed

    A deep silence was followed andfinally after some time Sunny breaks the silence…

    “Is this Sandy?” She asked

    “No. He’s busy” He replied with still having a surprise element in his mind.

    “Okay. I’ll call back later.” The call went dead.

    John still holding the phone with his mouth open went to the chef room staring at Sandy.

    “Who’s Sunny? She sounds awesome.” He babbled.

    Sandy stares at John with the question he asked and said “Friend.”

    “Friend, Oh Friend right then, you never told me about her till now” John asked.

    Sandy lets out a smile nodding his head “Will anyone do knowing about you, come on John. Grow up.” Sandy had already driven John up a

    John gets irritated and replied “You will surely get severe beating before the dusk.”

    “She and Sandy are very good friends from childhood, according to the stories Sandy tells me about her, he likes her very much.” Kristen said interrupting in between and picked up the next order for the customer from the chef room.

    “Oh Kristen, I didn’t mean that. I’ve told him everything about me to you but he didn’t.” John paused after saying that andturns towards Sandy “Wait. You tell this to Kristen but not me.”

    “Friends” saidKristen and leaves the room smilingat them.

    “Oh come on John there’s nothing like that. You surprised me with Kristen while I want to give you a surprise but you spoiled it.”

    “This is enough; I’m going to call her again” John said with a smile and started pressing the buttons.

    “No. You can’t” Sandy left the kitchen and jumpedon John.

    Both started fighting with each other again for the phone and soon some crackling sounds were heard from the room. Kristen came running in on hearing the sounds. “Guys” she shouted.Both werefighting with each other, struggling for the phone.

    “Guys don’t mess up the kitchen. You aren’t kids, customers here.”

    “He started first” Sandy complained.

    “Kristen, help me. This guy will kill me” John whispered struggling for breath.

    “Guys, will you please stop.” Kristen bellowed

    Both suddenly stopped fighting andstood like kids as if there was nothing in between pointing fingers at each other.

    “If you guys continue like this I will get off your back.” Kristen warned them as she did the same a few hundred times before.

    “Don’t be angry sweet heart; we’ve our tongue in cheek while we are fighting. Hey Sandy” John tried to manage but Kristen already hit the ceiling on them and kicks John in the … Oops!

    John struggles with pain, moving his hand around it and arches forward “How dare you hit me.”

    With the most innocent facial expression in the world Sandy came across Kristen and says “We didn’t do anything.”Kristen winks at Sandy “I do like to have my share. Did that hurt John?”

    “You both are on one side.” John becomes a wet blanket and frowns.

    Kristen slowly shakes her head managing a little smile “You guys will never grow up.” All three started to laugh again having fun with each other. Alarm sounds with clock showing 10’O clock.

    “Oh Shit! It’s time. She’ll be here in 15 minutes. I’m going for her to the airport.” Sandy said and hurries for the keys.

    “Keys are there in the shelf.” Kristen tried to help.

    “Okay. I got them. ” he thanks her and ran towards the car.

    “Hey be careful with the vehicle and enjoy your ride mate” John noted.

    “Yeah, Thanks. Don’t worry John; this thing is duck soup for me.” Sandy approved and rides out into the street in a flash.

    “Well. That’s a ride” John kept staring even after sandy went out of vision.

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    [Genetic Labs, Manhattan, Underground, NYC]
    “Congratulations. Mr.Subramanyam. You had done it. All your achievements will now go down as history.” A senior scientist stated.
    “What? What do you mean?” Mr. Subram questioned with confusion.
    “Say Welcome to my friend” Frank greeted his friend and a tall and thin man with a gun pointed towards Dr. Subram walks towards Dr. Frank, Senior scientist and says “Gracious Mr.Frank. Vabene. I am waiting for this day Mr. Subram. Say hello to this little thing.”
    “What? Wait! What do you want me to do? I’ve done everything that you’ve said. Why are you doing this?” Subram yelled in terror.
    “Is this isn’t more of your own choice? I offered you more money but you regret, prefer death.” Frank said gritting his teeth.
    “No. Frank! Ceasar wait. We must get some good results at first at least. We’ve come this far and now you had to wait with patience. This is not easy.” Subram tried to manage but Ceasar fires one aimlessly and it missedSubram by only a feather.
    Frank laughs loud and asked “wait for what? Don’t you know our mission? Where is our primary success? Was there any redolence for any success? We are planning to build something great, terrific which we can control and rule but not to serve the demands of any government.”
    “Yes. Yes. I understand but there is success. The B-virus is developing fast.” Subram finally managed a smile.
    “What do you mean Fast Mr. Subramanyam, after the end of the world?” Frank asked and stared at him.
    “No Dr.Frank Please, Listen to me. We can control a human thought and his actions.”
    Ceasar descends his arm down and says “Well. I hope you will show it to us. If you fail this time my aim will not miss your cerebrum.”
    “No. Not yet. I need more time. We need more testing samples.”
    Ceasarlaughs and raised his arm pointing the crossfire directly on Subram’s forehead. “Well I told you, I would not miss.”
    “Ceasar, wait!” Frank stopped him, “What testing samples?” Frank asked Subram.
    Cesar looked confused towards Frank and continued “Yeah,what testing samples do will still need? We had everything.” He said walking around.
    “Humans, Yes! We need more humans to test. It is getting difficult here day by day.”
    “Humans,don’t we have enough of them already in our lab?” Ceasar mocked moving his armed hand around.
    “No. You must understand. If this fails they will die and no one will come up for it.”
    “Well then who else will for it?” Ceasar asked.
    “A complicated issue but where we can establish a new camp. This is a risky task.” Frank pronounced.
    “Africa, we’ve already had a camp there. No additional cost required. So we can directly carry on our work.” Ceasar suggested.
    “Don’t be foolish. African camp is already under observation with the recent happening over there. It will be difficult.” Frank said
    “Well. Then what will be our options?”
    “Ind…India.” Subram suggested pointing the map.
    Frank let out a silent smile “Yeah. A fine option, Very fine in fact but do you think its going to be easy for us to continue our work there” he said.
    “We can have enormous supply of human resources. It will be challenging but not difficult. We can carry on our work silently in India. Money speaks more than values right” Subram said and looks back at Ceasar.
    “I like challenges” Ceasar said while Frank lets out a silent smile looking towards Ceasar and Subram giving a hint of acceptance.“Poi volerà in India” Ceasar yelled with excitement, saying that will be flying to India.
    [Airport, NYC]
    Well just on time I think but I must hurry towards the boarding point, Sandy thought and hurried towards the arrival sector.He waited for the arrival of Sunny for a while but there is no trace of her, every one coming out of the Airport meeting their respected ones and leaving but the girl still not arrived. He interrupted radio signal for a couple of timesbut there was no response andwith every moment passes his nerves grew from time to tense and he started to search all around the airport and in the meantime…
    “Waiting for any one sir?” A voice echoed in his ears.
    His eyes grew wide with excitement and joy. He hugged her and babbled “Where have you been? When did you arrive? Why are you not lifting your phone?”
    She let out a smile and said “Okay. Wait a minute” and she frees herself from his arms and started wiles with him,with a serious expression “What time I asked you to come and when did you?”
    “I’m sorry but you know got busy with work. See I’ve arranged a party now for you.” Sandy pleaded her for his mistake.
    “Party, do you expect me to attend a party soon after a journey?” She scolds and glared at Sandy but he finally managed to soothe her down.Both went to the parking and lodged into the car while Sandy burns out the engine and hit the roads of New York.
    “Welcome to New York Sunny”
    “Yes. Thanks. It’s nice to meet you again Sandy”
    “How is Canada, got any one interesting?”
    “Fine, No. I’m not like that guy in the mirror.” Sunny said after Staring at Sandy.
    “Did you get any one?”
    “One” He exclaimed
    “Is the count not one?” She asked with her voice raised.
    Sandy stood silent for a moment and said“Hey, why didn’t you answer the call? I was very worried.”
    “You’re very smart. Aren’t you? At least you can pretend.” She said and after a while she compromised with Sandy “You came late. I saw while you’re running towards the boarding zone, just a tic for tat.”
    “You know what; the most difficult in the world is to live with your loved one”
    “Yes you’re correct and that’s true.” Sunny lets out a pleasant smile looking into the eyes of Sandy’s.
    “And I hope that remains true for ever.” Sandy said and moved closer towards Sunny.
    With all the love that they had they moved closure and the steering went automatic, they inched closure and closure and the red pigments can sense each other’s attraction, like a two opposite and strong magnets they collides while Sandy’s mobile vibrated but Sandy was in no mood to answer the call. A long and awaited collision that lasted for only a few seconds but it appeared like that it had taken a lifetime to reach the destination.
    “Well. I would like that moment last forever.” Sandy said and moves closer.
    His overexcitement makes his ride loose a control a little and it almost ran into a shop but Sandy quickly realized and managed to control the car back on track but his sharpness was unable to avoid a scratch on its door. “I think we better concentrate on reaching home without scaring anyone” Sunny pulled his leg.
    “You know what I’m the best driver in New York” Sandy teased her back and accelerated the throttle.“Yeah, yeah, that is what they’re talking about at the airport.” And she ridiculed him while the car with another sudden drift moved on…
    Soon they reached John’s shop and Sandy introduced the place where he lives in New York and suggested her where to keep her things and all the other things.
    “Hey Sandy your mobile’s ringing”
    “Whoa! I almost forgot.” Sandy thought and reached towards the phone.
    “Where are you guys? We are waiting for you, here.” Phone’s speaker cried at Sandy.
    “Well John I’m very sorry to say that we are not coming for the party because…” Sandy said nervously
    “What? You Idiot. We’ve entered inside as well.”
    “Yeah but she’s in no mood for a party. Enjoy the party pal”
    “Okay fine then why’re we here? We’re coming back.”
    “Well. Don’t worry, take your time and I’m sorry John.”
    “It’s Okay there’s nothing more than being with friends.”
    “Okay. Thanks John” Sandy said and ends the phone call.
    “Who’s on the Phone?” Sunny questioned
    “John. They are coming back.”
    “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m very tired.”
    “Hey it’s Okay. Relax. We can enjoy other day.”
    He pats her head while she relaxed on him.
    [Coca Bingo, NYC]
    “They are not coming?” Kristen asked him
    “She’s tired” John answered.
    “Well then time to go back” Kristen said with agentle smile.
    “Yeah, Come on. We can come again.” John said and they both start walking out of the Club.
    Meanwhile at the entrance a girl ran towards John screaming his name. She babbled but John and Kristen both unable to understand what she’s trying to say.
    “Excuse me Madam. Please calm down. You can say but first please relax” Kristen tried to calm her down.
    “Yes, but there’s no time. Please, understand me; our race is going to end.” She tried to explain
    “What?” John Yells. The sound of her voice reminds John about the doom’s day mysteries, all about the Mayan, Bible and Nostradamus theories came into his mind.
    “Madam, this is no time to play jokes. Please can we go?”
    “No. You’re Sandy’s friend right. That Media boy, he can only save this earth.” She exclaimed.
    “Madam, you know what? He’s very busy with his work. There’s nothing he can do to save this earth if … but why? How do you know us?” John said
    “Yes. We’ve traced every possible chance to whistle blow the deeds of them. They are going to destroy this earth. Your friend can only save it.”
    John raised his eyebrow and said “Okay. What you want us to do?”
    “Take these. Ask your friend to publish these in media.” She suggested.
    “Okay. Not an issue. I will.”
    “Thanks.” She said and she walked away covering herself under the mantle.
    Kristen smiles at John and said “It’s tough when we have a popular friend.”
    “He’s brilliant” He praised and started their transport back to the hotel.
    [John’s Hotel]
    “Welcome back home Friends” Sandy greeted John and Kristen.
    They came smiling in and Sandy introduced Sunny to them. They had a quite talk for a moment while Sandy went to kitchen to prepare dinner for them.
    “So you came here for a visit?” Kristen questioned
    “Yeah I come here to meet Sandy.”
    “But you know what Sandy’s leaving for India in about a week.” John said
    “Yeah, I know we both we will go on same plane.” Sunny said.
    “Dinner’s ready.” Sandy flashed in with some spicy dish.
    “Yeah, I’m very hungry” John said and went to have some dinner.
    “Sandy, you’ve got a letter from some one.” Kristen said.
    “Okay. Come on. We can see that later after Sandy’s delight.” John said and kept the letter a side.
    All went to dinner table and positioned neatly, ready for feast while Sandy positioned all the dishes on the table and he also took the seat after serving the basic items to his friends. “Thanks pal” John thanked and continued his story about his friend “Sandy is a very nice guy and a rakish hero. You know what, after he came into my life, everything had changed. He’s such a nice person.”Sunny eyes glittered like pearls with every word that John’s says about Sandy, she heard with very much anxiety and keen interest and she kept on listening their stories and adventures of John for Kristen. She seemed to like them very much and they soon mingled with other where Sunny also did shared back her thoughts.
    “Guys, Today is a special day, a very special one in fact. I got a job and I’m going announce my better-half to my very best friends.” Sandy announced. Sunny cheeks became reddish and she stood up looking at Sandy while Sandy also did holding her arm and stood silent. Kristen and John look thrilled and clapped on the occasion.
    “So when we can expect your marriage.” John asks Sandy and stood up for the celebration.
    Kristen came towards Sunny and hugs her “You are very lucky sweetie.”The clock sounded 12’O clock and Sandy took out a chocolate cake from the bottom of the table with all screaming “Happy Birthday Sunny.” The celebration had started with a cut and continued with humorous Joy and delight with each other’s face ending up in a pool of chocolate. There is no black, white or any other neither race nor dignity of religion that dare to join in between their happiness. They were all jumping like jiggles splattering snow sprays on them. The room went bright and the kitchen was a big mess of chocolate and cakes with the snow still falling down like it was a Christmas evening.
    Sandy Mobile Rings and hewent out of the room to answer the phone but the remaining three continued their party. Sunnywas enjoying with them like she knew them since the time she was a toddler. Sandy watches them for a while decided not to disturb them and went off for his final coverage.
    [Near Coca Bingo, NYC]
    Sandy reached there, a lot of media people and crowd had gathered. Sandy managed to reach the destination where the incident had happened. There lying a body of a young lady, her head having a bullet wound. “It looked like she was shot from a distant, may be a sniper wound” Sandy heard from a boy near by and he went near to that boy taking the photographs of that body “Any idea of where she belong.” Sandy asked. The boy looked at Sandy for a while “No. Media people hah!” Sandy laughed and said “Not exactly, I’m resigning my Job tomorrow. So it’s just my anxiety to about this incident as a common man.” The boy glares at Sandy and laughedagain “Common man, you people are getting too smart day by day. Okay well then, I was standing there, where there is no one near to me or even near that girl and suddenly she falls down. I ran towards her but she’s already dead by that time. That’s all I know.”
    “Wow. Thanks. Do you know any thing else.” Sandy inquired recording his voice from his secret cam.
    “Nothing much, I heard some people saying that she belong to thatcompany, bio comp, No, yeah, Black, Black corp. Yep. She belongs to Black Corp. It’s really interesting that the people belong to this company slowly banishing.” He uttered.
    “Thanks, that’s really very good information.” Sandy saidwith a smirk and inquired some more people but he gets almost the same answer, the first one had given. Later he walked out of that place after taking some more photographs of her.
    I know there is something fishing with this Black corp. It’s handling the world most prestigious project but you never know what’s going to happen. Like an old saying in one of most prestigious novel, sometimes good things we want might go wrong with some miscalculation and the enormous power that we obtain from it. Many thoughts hit Sandy’s mind at that moment but he’s less concerned about them because there’s nothing he could do about it and some one who’s waiting for him at home and he would rather love to live with his loved one rather than with these dead bodies that kept on lying over the streets of New Yorkevery day or the other. He already spent years of investigationto get the details for his media company. With the amount of work load he got, he felt very distress and now with these thoughts he had, he thought that he had enough of it already, he knows that this is too much for his age and that’s the reason made him to resign and forced him to found a new job in a software company. With the new moon already shining bright in the sky he had decided to go home and walked away from the issue praying for the soul to soon rest in peace. He got back into his car and started to drive back to his partner.
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    Read your first post. Interesting and nicely written Keep it up.
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    I'm not much of a writer, but I think you can stick to the Simple Past tense. Here's some editing that I've tried with the first few lines:

    Strong winds blew through the mountain ranges, high tides jumped up as if trying to escape from earth’s gravity. It was indeed dark. The moon’s shine, kept trying to escape into the clouds. A thick mist covered the beauty of the green lands and the natural scenic of the mystic place. The air was cold and salty. A pair of black sails came rowing through the dangerous ocean. The heavy breeze lashed the tides to unrest, humming in unison, the welcome song for an unlikely guest. Then suddenly, the mist cleared way for the sails, and with a glance appeared a ravishing Island.

    Let me know what you think...😀
  • Mr.Don
    @GF Thank you. Can only improve with you and all CEans around me. 😀

    @Thanks (Anoop, the poet) 😀 Need more suggestions like these Friend.
  • Mr.Don
    @Anoop I found no word to thank you my friend. I had referred my story again and again and to be frank i felt horrified with the mistakes i had committed while writing it. You can surely expect a party if this work comes out successfully 😛 😀

    p.s. re edited it considering anoop's suggestion 😀
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    #-Link-Snipped-# - how is your story coming up?

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