my dream

hey friends
this thread is for to post your dreams about future world
my dream is this
i want to see world without petrol bunks
cars are going in air
instant first aid
big buildings reaching sky
sophisticated technology


    In the current scenario, it is clear that it would be difficult for Indian Government to bring out a sustainable food security bill.

    It is my life's dream and my wish to see agriculture become a corporate industry. If it becomes so, then food prices can be controlled that too after yielding a good revenue to Farmers.

    Basically the growing up of professions like Sericulture and others is a need of hour. The condition is good to this day however further improvements are always possible.
  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    Way to Go Brother. It is revolutionary thought and you can peruse it . I personally know an electronic engineer, son of a business tycoon, purchased a bare land and started farming European vegetables and it is one of the most structured agricultural business. There are couple of other initiatives across. What would make you a successful farmer is not hard work but smart work. You can find out the cheapest seed online, can actually go to Newgini and Papua to collect seed. You would know the corps that requires bare minimum water. so summer will definitely not be a problem for you. You can create your own CMS and offer direct selling. Mr. Mukesh surfs internet daily for one hour in search of farmers who are willing for a direct selling. There will be hundreds of Labors who will be too happy to work for you. Because you will pay them better than market rate and offer them an insurance which is cheap but will give their family a safety. You wont have to loose your shoes asking for Loan, because being talented agricultural entrepreneur, bank must give you loan. Beside You have couple of CE friends from metallurgy who will( And I am sure of that) do a free soil test for you.
    Boss, I see you successful and chased upon tycoon in 7 years with my experience. And I generally dont joke around like others. Keep my word. Select a Sanskrit name for the firm and register it. Do it boy. Just do it.
    Rupam: The agriculture idea was in my mind for some time and I never spoke about it for fear of said insane, because when you say farmer, people say how can he be successful?

    But this will be a very good option.

    I have even read about a boy from IIM-A named 'Kaushalendra' have made some management with farmers, and is now a great name in that Nalanda, Bihar. He sells vegetables.

    For that, I had earlier started this thread #-Link-Snipped-#That's where I started thinking that anything can be done. I will definitely see what Mukesh Ambani does in this field and how people will want to join me in my venture ๐Ÿ˜€

    Let us hope the best. Till then I am just an inexperienced student. Hope to do good in my semester exams.
  • James Reynold
    James Reynold
    I feel Happy๐Ÿ˜ to see that, there are many, with similar ideas as that of mine.................And i feel very proud to be a CEan.............
    I believe,I can enhance my ideas & knowledge in my subject, by chatting with top brains in the world................๐Ÿ˜€

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