• Don’t be so SWEET that people will gulp you,
    Don’t be so BITTER that people will hate you.

    Sail on the ship of SUCCESS
    And land on the port of AMBITION

    Life is like a MIRROR
    Reflects what you do
    So do the BEST you can and the BEST will come to you!

    Standing at the foot
    And grazing at the SKY
    How will it get up thus?
    If you don’t TRY

    Things may change in many ways
    But one thing changes never
    The memories of our SCHOOL DAYS

    Roses can DRY
    Rivers can SHY
    You can forget me
    HOW CAN I ?

    You asked me to WRITE
    What shall I write?
    Two LiTtLe words

    Some like ONE
    Some like TWO
    But I like ONE and that is YOU!

    Break a GOLDEN ship
    Break a SILVER ship
    But don’t break our FrIeNdShIp or ReLaTiOnShIp

    The ring is RANG and has no end
    My LOVE for you will never end

    Advices are given to those who are apart
    Why should I write to you when you are in my HEART?

    Life is like a MIRROR
    SMILE and it will SMILE back at you
    Worry is INTEREST
    Paid on TROUBLE
    Before it is due

    Don’t get FRUSTRATED by anyone
    Control your ANGER till it dies
    Think over this ADVICE
    It will be better further in your life

    When you see a MOUSE in your house
    Just pull its TAIL and remember ME without FAIL

    When you open the curtains
    And look at the stars
    Remember u have a friend named
    Wherever U are !

    P.S. These are not my own lines. I just found it interesting
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