Mute Screamer (Protect your wordpress websites from XSS, Sql Injections or any Malacious Attack)

Last month, I had to struggle a lot to remove malacious script from my website when it was compromised by some unknown hacker

The hacker had injected a malacious script in my web file through which it was working fine for me but when someone from new IP address was trying to access it, it was showing some unwanted ads

So as a Solution I installed Mute Screamer (a Wordpress based Plugin) that will give you complete protection from hackers

This plugin works in a very simple way, as soon as a user will try to inject some malacious script in any text box or something in your website it will immediately inform owner about attack and will then block the ip address of attacker and will restrict the hacker from further accessing it

It can be easily downloaded from here

Mute Screamer – WordPress plugin |

I hope this will keep you protected



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