• Murious 2012 is a Technical Festival organized by Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan.

    It is the most anticipated and exciting of all events that take place throughout the year in the University. Murious has gone far ahead than being just a technical fest and series of mind blowing events- Murious provides ample amount of opportunities and experiences to enhance one's horizon of knowledge and skills. Murious, now in its sixth phase, was started in 2006.


    T-Shirt Design.
    Bored of the same designed T-Shirt? Try this!

    Maze of Lethe
    Are you a self obsessed internet junkie? Do you love Robert Louis Stevenson? Do you think Clues is the coolest show in TV? Then this is just for you!

    This event is not just for the techies or the geeks, its for all the guys and girls who can resist these mind teasers for long.

    "Why bother with clones if you can play the original" Test you hacking skills in a real time hacking environment.

    The master is one who follows the third method to rule the eternal digital world but remember its not a cake walk so the easier you walk, the farther you will reach!

    Tech AD
    To sell your brand, how far can you go? If you love the limelight and you know how to sell a product and exactly how a product should be showcased, then this is event is for you!

    Android App
    Android user? But its not that easy! Try to build their dream App, if you can!

    Virtual Robotics
    Want to the face the situation name suggests? A unique breathtaking quizes one and only in its class. Get it! Face it!

    Web Design
    Surfing website is easy while making one ain't a cake walk. Dare make one in an ultimate show off between participants through their web skills.

    Matlab, and many more.

    For more details, queries and registration; visit their website:
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