• Sarathkumar


    MemberApr 22, 2014

    MS eyes for a big deal

    Hi CEans. Its a good news especially for students that IT Giant of the world Major Microsoft has partnered with likes of HP and Pearson to launch a new tablet for higher educational students which could feed the hungry of engineering and management streams. The giants jointly will launch this tablet with windows 8.1 OS with a large 10.1 inch named Omni 10 from HP which features a embedded content from Pearson and MS office for higher education space. It would be priced at Rs.29,999. We had a similar launch in february where Acer launched its Iconia W4-820 priced at Rs.24,999 with Acer,MBD group and tata teleservice for private schools (k6-12 level).
    Ms India head arun Rajamani ahs said that it would be a great tab that was customised to reach students requirements with interactive and impressive technology.He also added that HP has a market potential to address omni10 to 5 million students pursuing engineering and management students.

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