mp3 player using a flash drive/pen drive

I really want to know if there is a method of creating an mp3 player using a pen drive instead of a memory card. I have got three san disk micro cruzers that could work since they are so small, just i dont really know how to do it.
If any of you could show me a circuit diagram of how to make one that'd be great.
i guess it is possible to pull apart an old computer to get the right usb port fitting, but how to join everything together i dont know
if it is possible to have an LCD screen, that would be good.

btw, its a school project due in end of term 3



  • Barneyman
    ohh, and im training to be an electrical engineer
  • sauravgoswami
    dude,all u need is a mp3 driver,which is available in market,then u just have to plug it..hope it is enough
  • lalu
    i want pen drive based mp3 player
  • shubhamy
    hey i need some help i have a 4gb kingston pendrive i dont use it for data transfer but i want it to be used as an mp3 player so while travelling i could listen to some of my songs i am not an expert in engg but know some of the basics if i would need some guidance for this job
  • shubhamy
    i also want to try the same thing as i have an old mobile and ausb drive so i thought to use the mobiles lcd and the pendrive as the player

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