• The Persona Sign-In System from Mozilla was not much known and couldn’t create buzz in the tech world. You are apparently not the only one who does not know anything about Mozilla’s sign-in system. Before you get to know much about this project, you can now know that it is reportedly being shelved. According to TechCrunch, Mozilla has cited low adoption rates as the main reason to give up this project and has decided to allocate its developer resources to other projects. However as per the requirements, Mozilla will continue to host the service and patch security issues.


    The company still hopes to continue to build the product, provided developers show some interest. And there is a very little chance that majority of the developers will volunteer to take up this system. The main idea behind Persona is to use e-mail addresses as a way to authenticate users. This is a very simple and easy way to log in to sites. But very few developers actually integrated it into their products. Last year, Mozilla added a built-in support for email providers include Gmail and Yahoo mail. As reported in TechCrunch, for many of these services Persona piggybacked on the OAuth support the providers already offered, but Google is going to phase out its old systems in favor of OpenID Connect. Although, according to a Mozilla spokesperson, there is no connection between its decision and OpenID’s recent launch. This is what it looked like:

    Further, Google has already supported OpenID Connect as a standard for authentication. Mozilla is also shifting its focus to offer cloud services around Firefox accounts. It hopes to get 20 million users signed up on Firefox accounts. To accomplish this target, Mozilla plans to create a unified Firefox account for all its products. It is very important to create an online identity, currently being dominated by Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo. Recently, Yahoo shut down support for Google and Facebook logins. So, there is very little space left for something like Persona which largely needed vendors support to be successful.

    What are your views on this decision from Mozilla? Share with us in comments.

    Source: Mozilla Stops Developing Its Persona Sign-In System Due To Low Adoption • TechCrunch
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