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@Reya • 06 Nov, 2010
Hi friends do anybody know how to move the files and folders from one drive to another using command prompt in windows?
@Morningdot Hablu • 06 Nov, 2010 Don't know how to move but you can use "copy Your file name with extension" to copy a file from a directory to another directory.
@Reya • 06 Nov, 2010 Ya i do know how to copy the files from one directory to another.I wanted to know how to move the files or folders from one drive to another using cmd prompt.
@BCA_GIRL • 07 Nov, 2010 I think by Move command it can be done. Have you tried the Move command?
@Morningdot Hablu • 07 Nov, 2010 Ya that's correct for moving a file but how to move foldes.
@Reya • 07 Nov, 2010 MOVE [drive:][path]filename1,filename2 destination Is this the command used to move the files from one drive to another?
@whiz.kid.aniket • 07 Nov, 2010 • 1 like @praveena: try xcopy command!!

Xcopy is a powerful version of the copy command; has the capability of moving files, directories, and even whole drives from one location to another.

for eg: You want to copy all files from xyz folder which is on C: drive to abc folder which is present/not present on D: drive! just use following command in command prompt!

if the destination folder is not present it will ask you to create it!

xcopy c:\xyz d:\abc /s

xyz is source folder

abc is the destination folder

/s : Copies directories contents

after copying to dest. folder you can delete the source folder. 😉

- Whiz.kid.Aniket
@Reya • 07 Nov, 2010 hey thanks whiz😀
@Leo • 07 Nov, 2010 Hi Praveena, move is one othe most dangerous coping commands to use I'll suggest not to use it because if any problem occured it will not allow you access your files and folder. As a solution you can use copy or xcopy commands but that are not that good to use as a final say i'll suggest all to use robocopy and how to use command will answer why,

c:\>robocopy [source file or folder] [desitination]
single command that can copy files and folers both

c:\>robocopy [file or folder] [hard disk of \\server\path]
can copy on both server and hard disk

c:\>robocopy /s [sorce folder] [destination]
copies all directory excluding empty one

c:\>robocopy /e [sorce folder] [destination]
copies all directories including empty one

c:\>robocopy /z [source file/folder] [destination]
copies with restart/resume capability

c:\>robocopy /zb [source file/folder] [destination]
restarts or resumes copy

c:\>robocopy /move [source file/folder] [destinatio]
copies source to destination then deletes sorce(much safe kind of operation than original move command)

In all if you want to copy type following command,
c:\>robocopy /e /z [source] [destination]

And if you want to move then,
c:\>robocopy /move /z [source] [destination]

if it hangs in between resume by replacing /z by /zb

And if you just want to create directory structure,
c:\>robocopy [source] [destination]
@Reya • 07 Nov, 2010 hey thank you so much leo😀😀
@Kavya Burramolla • 15 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

You can use xcopy command for moving files from one drive to another. For example xcopy c:\source folder :\destination folder /s This command copies the directories content. 


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