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Asifulla khan
Asifulla khan • Mar 31, 2016

Motor control kit

Project Abstract / Summary : Here I'm going to tell you about my project "Motor Control Kit". It includes every thing needed to start 3 phase AC motors. I was contemplating of developing of a single kit which can be used to start 11different types of motors. This kit was made to start few motors only, As the kit was made, the idea of possibility of few more starters came into existence, other than what i had planned for, it was possible with slight changes in the design and i could add few more starting techniques pertaining to mainly control of other sequential techniques of starting 2 or 4 motors simultaneously. Thus totally of 17+ different types of starting techniques can be implemented using one single kit.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : First and foremost, It was my self intrest to control motors!!!
I had got an opportunity of showing my practical skills to my all the people surrounding me, so i went ahead with my father's support to build a project which would bring lots of changes to the upcoming industries.

Project Highlights : If my project wins, i would like to invest the price money on building a device which can transmitte electricity for far distances which Nikola Tesla was trying and it became a mistry, i want to unleash the mistry of Nicola Tesla and i would like to implemente my project "motor control kit" in all upcoming industries so that it would be user friendly to the workers as well as machines

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: Dayananda sagar college of Engg.
City: Bangalore
State: karnataka
Participating Team From: Second Year

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