Most popular engineering books [General Engineering]


I've been thinking of making a list of all time, most popular engineering books related to general engineering.

Add your entries [​IMG]


  • Raviteja.g
    mathematics is required for all branches so it is general
    Engineering mathematics
    author -B.S.grewal
  • sauravgoswami
    fundamentals of physic is also very famous..authors wary though
  • shalini_goel14
    Most popular books for Computer Science Engineers are:

    Subject, Author/Publication
    1. Computer Networks,Tannenbaum
    2. Cryptography,William Stallings
    3. Operating System,Gelvin
    4. DBMS, Korthe
    5. Compiler, Aho Sethi Ullman
    6. Data Warehousing, Alex Berson
    7. Algorithms, Coremann
    8. Java, Complete Reference
    9. Data Structures ,Schaum Series

    If i will be able to recall more books ,i will post it 😀.
  • silverscorpion
    Not strictly an engineering text book, but I think that "A brief history of time" by Stephen Hawkins is a good book related to engineering. Just a thought...
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Not strictly an engineering text book, but I think that "A brief history of time" by Stephen Hawkins is a good book related to engineering. Just a thought...
    A physics book, I'd say. A must read for every engineer though. [​IMG]
  • Lock-Os
    The Way Things Works is probably one of the most popular engineering books ever written. The Machinist Handbook would most likely come up second for the more mechanical fields.

    I have to say that textbooks are hard to judge since they vary from school to school and version to version, and I wouldn't say they are 'popular'. More like required.
  • superb8effect
    General Engineering: McGraw-Hill's Engineering Companion by Ejup N. Ganic and Tyler G. Hicks (eds) Electrical Engineering: Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, Fourteenth Edition by Donald G. Fink and H. Wayne Beaty (eds) Industrial Engineering: Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook, Fifth Edition by Kjell B. Zandin (ed) Quality Engineering: Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook by Genichi Taguchi, Subir Chowdhury and Yuin Wu Waste Treatment: Industrial Waste Treatment Handbook, Second Edition by Woodard & Curran, Inc. Aeronautical Engineering: Standard Handbook for Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineers by Mark Davies (ed) Chemical Engineering: Chemical Engineering Design: Principles, Practice and Economics of Plant and Process Design by Gavin Towler and R. K. Sinnott Civil Engineering: Architectural Engineering Design: Mechanical Systems by Robert Brown Butler Control Engineering: Modern Sensors Handbook by Pavel Ripka and Alois Tipek (eds) That's what I think are good ones. I find it on #-Link-Snipped-#
  • syedaafaq
    according to me.......
    the engineering books can be classified in to two types:
    1.books for clearing the subjects
    2.books for understanding the concepts deeply
    for clearing the subjects i would suggest the books from technical publications-pune.....
    for the purpose of understanding the concepts deeply the books from the publications of tata mcgraw hill and prientice hall edition- new delhi.....
  • komputergeek
    I think for clearing the subject any text book is good.

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