Most Innovative & Creative Ways To Hire People - Let's Make a List

So, today I woke up thinking about the most creative, fun and interesting ways to hire people for a startup or a big company and started browsing about it. I remember the time when I was in college, we were always enthusiastic about some companies coming for campus placements because their recruitment process was innovative and fun to participate it.
Now this kind of enthusiasm is something that companies must be definitely looking forward to. Who wants boring, lethargic people who are sitting for placements just for the sake of it, anyway?

That brings me to the important question - Are there any creative ways of hiring talent in the company?

A friend tells me that a company had come for placements for the position of marketing and sales in their college. To take a stress interview and test the student's leadership qualities, the interviewer acted as if he is suffering from a heart attack in the middle of the interview process and the actual panel sat behind the cameras. The candidate who came for interview was judged on the basis of the actions he/she took in such a scenario.

Another creative interview process could include creating actual real-life situations of job in say a seminar hall and making the candidates do a demo of how they would perform.
If the company plan's to take a written test, the questions could be formed in such a way that do not JUST involve the aptitude test questions.

Here is an open question to all of you readers - Share an idea for some creative, innovative or new ideas for hiring new people in your company.


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Any ideas, people?
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    I searched online and thought that "Creative Recruitment Ideas" is a totally new territory. Nobody is really venturing into that arena.

    Having the usual boring GD/PI session has to go out.
    The only thing that is new is - Having an event or hackathon or a job contest.

    Do we have no new ideas coming in from engineers here?

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