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Monsoon Predicting Rs. 400 Crore Supercomputer To Be Installed In India By 2017

Indian government will be investing Rs. 400 crore in a new supercomputer that shall be faster and more powerful than the existing most powerful supercomputer in India that was supplied by IBM couple of years ago. The Indian government would not say who would be supplying the supercomputer this time but we know for sure that the amount will be spend on a supercomputer that shall help predict monsoon activity in the country. It shall be the first time that the country would see a departure from statistical model of predicting monsoon and replace it with dynamic model.


As you all know that monsoon plays an integral part in the country’s economy as the more than half households in India rely on agriculture as their primary income. About 16 percent of country’s GDP comes from agriculture so if the country manages to predict monsoon accurately then it shall be a big boost to the economy. The supercomputer that shall come from unknown manufacturers will be 10 times faster than the existing supercomputer in India. The computer will create three dimensional models of the region and use weather information collected by balloons, airplanes and satellites from all the 29 states to predict monsoon as early as possible.

Since the Indian Meteorological Department failed to predict India’s biggest drought in 40 years in 2009 the country would like that the new computer be installed at the earliest. M. Rajeevan, the top scientist in the ministry of earth sciences which oversees the weather office has said that the model will be put into place before monsoon 2017. This would give the country better predictions that shall provide 15 percent boost to the agriculture production in the country.

Source: Reuters via Engadget

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