MLDB Panel Design & Components Used

Hello all,

I just wanted to know wat is the use of MLDB Panel...and wat are the compaonents used in its design,i know its full form i.e. main lighting distribution board,bt it costs around 50 if it is just used to control lights the wat are the possible devicess used in it that makes it costly.


  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Just see the circuit diagram and calculate the cost of every individual component Add 1K for desigining the PCB

    The rest is profit for the company

    PS: The profit is more than 50% of the cost at which you are buying the device

    This is true for all mass produced Electronic or electrical controller systems
  • parin bumia
    parin bumia
    ok thanks.....andcan you pleasse help me understand the function of VDB....Ventilation Distribution Board,wat does it do......confused

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