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sushant005 • Jul 28, 2010

MIT Design could speed up the internet.

MIT researchers have developed technology that they say not only will make the Internet 100 to 1,000 times faster, but also could make high-speed data access a lot cheaper.

The trick to such dramatic performance gains lies within the routers that direct traffic on the Internet, according to Vincent Chan , an electrical engineering and computer science professor at MIT, who led the research team. Chan told Computerworld that replacing electrical signals inside the routers with faster optical signals would make the Internet 100 times -- if not 1,000 times -- faster, while also reducing the amount of energy it consumes.

Today, a user who has a hard time downloading a 100MB file would be able to easily send a 10GB file, according to Chan.

Today's routers have trouble dealing with incoming fiber-optic signals, so those signals are converted into electrical signals that can be stored in memory until they can be processed, according to MIT Report.The electrical signals are subsequently converted back to optical signals so they can be sent back out.

If it done then it would be great for internet users.

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