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@ravindra25 • 15 Aug, 2009
tell me the some minor project ideas on mechanical engg.
@arjunoids • 15 Aug, 2009 you can do a lot of projects on composite materials.
one of my senior did a project in which he used the waste from arecanut and made a door(or u can make any other product) with improvements in the material properties.
or, r u interested in working models?
@J@J • 05 Aug, 2015
tell me the some minor project ideas on mechanical engg.
Blackboard cleaning device
@skpraveen • 17 Aug, 2015 tell me some mini projects in mechanical engg.
@RINKU RADHAY • 17 Aug, 2015 What area ur interested in?
@skpraveen • 17 Aug, 2015 phase change materials(thermal) , natural composites

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