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@prahu mac • 09 May, 2016

can you please explain us about what are the minimum thicknesses for pcc in proportions for all the civil works i,e from raft to finishing of a building?

@shaji.m • 10 May, 2016 minimum thickness of PCC should be 50mm of M10 or M15.
@KSS Manian • 10 Jun, 2016
civil works i,e from raft to finishi
I am not sure what your are referring as PCC. As per my knowledge it is a Plain cement concrete, which is a bed layer used to laid on the ground. Over that foundation will be rested. Usually it will be 10cm thick.
@bill yorke • 19 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

The PCC is mainly laid to provide a rigid impervious layer for to RCC over the excavated area before any masonry works set in.  PCC minimum thickness should be 300 mm and 600mm in deep excavations.  In any case it is advisable that the thickness should not exceed 1500mm. 


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