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@m.k.v.sirisha • 20 May, 2010
hi friendz😀 i m a 3rd yr student of instrumentation. i need info. of mini projects. plz do help me out. thanks in advance
@icehari • 21 May, 2010 give out some areas of interest in you... do you want to do a control system, any electronic circuit, any process control, data acquisition or any thing like that ???

you should have an area that you are interested with.
@m.k.v.sirisha • 21 May, 2010 Thanks for responding....can we do a project relating electronic circuits?
@icehari • 27 May, 2010 ok you are interested in electrical circuit based project, now select a topic related to that something like metal detector, you should have some ideas related to your project...
@ravithav • 15 Jul, 2010 even am searching for a mini project.plz help me too.
am interested in process control😀
@monicalodaya • 22 Aug, 2011 i hv to do a mini project on ne of the below a 3rd yr student
plz help me
1.process automation
2.home automation system
4.rehablitation system
5.remote monitoring
6.sensors and monitoring
@Reya • 22 Aug, 2011 @monica: What help you need? Be specific!
@monicalodaya • 23 Aug, 2011 hi reya
thnx for replying
i needed few topics on remote monitoring and sensors monitoring..
i tried finding on net bt didnt get nethng interesting....

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