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@XxCOMMxX • 16 Dec, 2008
I am a Communication Engineering student in my final year of study. I need to do a project related to Optical Fibers. Any suggestions?
Preferrably, a project without any optical couplers, since I tried to buy those locally and can't seem to find any. Thanks in advance.
@Harshad Italiya • 16 Dec, 2008 • 1 like What you say about Two Way Communication using Fiber optic ?
@sauravgoswami • 17 Dec, 2008 why dont ya make a instrument to detect faults in optical fibre with computer analysis
@Harshad Italiya • 17 Dec, 2008 That is also good concept

one more

Multiplex signal in Fiber cable
@askfriends • 02 Feb, 2010
Hey why not u try communication using fiber optics through laser or led...
yes i am also looking for this project, can you please send me the details of this project including circuit diagram and full description PLEASE
@ajay_shethia • 23 Feb, 2012 can u pls snd me ckt diags for tdm or wdm multiplexing using optical fibres for audio and video digital data???

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