Mini project in electronics (less than 3 ICs)

Hello everybody,
I m Aditi TE electronics student. I want an different idea of mini project which should contain less than 3 ICs.


  • loudspeaker
    hello!!!!!i'm new here...hope we all can get connected and share useful info.hv a nice day!!!
  • sauravgoswami
    why dont ya make a bottle counting system,take a counter,proximity sensor and a LCD.which will count the bottles and display to make it more advance you can use a Microcontroller...
    saurav goswani has writly said u can make a pressteble event counter
    there is nothing use a debouncing circuit so that each pulse relates a bottle write a code in assembly language and download it and can use decate counter and a pressetable switch to give a input. for any problem u can contact me.

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