MindTree Question Paper and pattern

ROUND-1: - Written Test
30 quantitative aptitude questions ONLY (refer R.S aggarwal).
Time limit of 45mins
Section 1:
4 flow charts.. each flow chart consisted of 5 questions.. so totally 20 questions my dear friends.. Here problems were of the type where we have to check from the options given and mark it for the appropriate symbol.
Eg: for a rectangle symbol the options will be 1.A ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 .,2. A ranges from 2 to 2.5, 3,4,5. something like that?
Friends these problems are really very easy if u understand the sample flow chart given that is solved..

Section 2:
This is the speed maths section.. here 12 questions were asked that r to be solved in 3 minutes?
3*512/63=? Problems of these types ?.
U can solve this section by seeing the approximate answer? Please be ACTIVE and fast?

Section 3:
This section consisted of 20 questions that r to be solved in 3 minutes..
Its very very easy if u understand the sample problem given with u solution..
Ram,sita 343,555. a)right b)false ans:b
Ravi ,sham 122,355. a)right b)false ans:b
Eajaz,Mahesh 100.95. a)right b)false ans:a


Section 4:
This section had questions based on symbols. 20 questions 15 min..
If A=10 paise, then 1 rupee = 10A? very simple problems?..
Time for the sections 5-7 is

Section 5:
This section had some 8 questions on general IT ability?..
High level to Machine level language is converted using
5.none of these.

Section 6:
This section contained a flow chart that was very simple(do this first). 7 questions.
A flow chart wil be given and simple questions will be asked?.

Section 7:
10 questions?.
This section will have some paragraphs.Questions will be asked based on each paragraph.
A passage of lines on some situation like the communication in an e-mail?. And few questions based on that?(pretty simple).
Some quests :
Avg of 5 nos is 6, in that 3 nos avg is 8, whats avg of other 2?
Ans- 3
Similar questions on area, time/work, %age, age, speed?

NOTE: - aggregate matters on Ur selection in round-1 as well, if u have agg > 70 then you are almost guaranteed a spot in the GDs...

3 groups of 17 people each made...

1.The commercialization of cricket has put down other games.
2.How can technology improve the villages in India ?
3. censorship
4.India in 2020?

For respective branches, questions of their types were allotted, there was no time limit as such they wanted to measure the approach of the candidate towards questions... around 8 quests were given and 3hrs allotted...
Some topics of help- C (definitely for computer science guys) Microprocessor (elect guys)

Simple interview with basic HR questions, Be prepared with the company profile etc...


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