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Jerry • Dec 3, 2006

Microsoft Zune or Apple iPod


Microsoft has launched Zune and they are ready to take on iPod. But iPod has been around for some time and is the big daddy of all music players. Which one will rule the market?

Let's debate!

Neha • Dec 3, 2006
Well I think Apple's I-pod have secured their place in market for quite a few months and its not at all easy to replace them although customers are facing problems and MICROSOFT, the name itself talks and what I have heard is they are providing some special features other than I-pods. So, it would be hard to say which one will rule the market till Zune is launched.
no_atkt • Mar 3, 2007
well this is 1 topic tht most of us have debated ever since the news of the zune broke out

and honestly being bored by the lengthy debates on number of sites i will just post the highlights differentiating the 2 products:

zune v/s ipod

1. looks: zune-ugly, ipod-classy
2. display: zune-bigger, ipod smaller (3inches for the zune and 2.5 for the ipod)
3. customizable thems: zune-yes, ipod-no (though 3rd party firmwares such as rockbox for the ipod allow customizable themes)
4. bulky: zune-yes, ipod-no
5. external hdd: ipod- by default, zune has to be tweaked
6. sound quality: both r same

ask me a specific question and il answer it can remmber any more points

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