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Microsoft Working On Two Different Touch Interaction Techniques

Question asked by Swagatam M in #Gadgets on Oct 19, 2011
Swagatam M
Swagatam M · Oct 19, 2011
Member of CrazyEngineers
Microsoft researchers Hrvoje Benko and Scott Saponas have been working on two different touch interaction techniques named OmniTouch and PocketTouch. The OmniTouch enables the use of any surface as an interface. Benko explained that he wanted to capitalise the surface area of the real world. He also cited examples like the palm of a human hand is larger than the surface area of any smart phone and that the surface area of a table is much larger than a regular tablet. The OmniTouch prototype combines a depth sensing camera from PrimeSense and a laser based pico projector, the setup is somewhat like Kinect for Xbox.

OmniTouch Surface

This wearable customised prototype combines the working of camera and projector for delivering the user interface on the surface. The researchers faced the most difficult challenge of sensing touch on a deformable surface and identifying fingers and the surface below the fingers to work as required for the touch interaction. The researchers had made this a highly flexible device by making it an on-demand user interface which would let the user to define the type of surface they would be working on. The OmniTouch prototype is relatively large for commercial use but with further research this could reach the size of a matchbox or a watch.


The PocketTouch prototype by Scott Saponas consists of a sensor on a Smartphone which would enable it to receive inputs through fabrics by various gestures for alphanumeric texting and inputs without having to remove the fabric. The device has been designed to take inputs irrespective of its position and orientation. This could mean texting and using the Smartphone without even taking the phone out of your pocket.

Source: Microsoft Posted in: #Gadgets

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