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Rajni Jain
Rajni Jain • Mar 2, 2014

Microsoft is better than Apple, See why?

See The latest Ad from Microsoft...

The advertisement is talking about the wedding planning using a touch screen device. Very bluntly Microsoft used the fact that the would be bride denied to bought the MAC because it doesn't have a touch screen. Apple is one of the BEST manufacturers when it comes to small size touch screens (iphone / ipad) and their is not second answer to their touch experience.

Do you think that it is a good Idea of Microsoft to stab at Apple for not having any touch screen enabled laptop? Or do you feel are the marriage planners are going to shift at Microsoft leaving Apple (just because they do not have touch experience 😁)
awkward reason for not using MAC..!!
this can't be a reason for leaving a MAC.. !!
Rajni Jain
Rajni Jain • Mar 2, 2014
The point is, will Apple reply to this ad by another advertise or it will ignite the thoughts for having a touch device in their amazing fleet?

Dipak Kumar Mahato
this can't be a reason for leaving a MAC.. !!
This was not a reason, just a advertise.. 😀
lets wait n watch..

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