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Farjand • Feb 15, 2012

Microscope Integrated With Mobiles Now Possible!

It is logical that another innovation in cameras employed in cell phones would result in a microscope. This on many occasions would not be entirely surprising. This is because, today's mobile cameras are more focused towards achieving high resolution images.  Now, a Finnish research organization called VTT Technical Research Centre, has integrated microscopes with cell phones. Hence, expecting the new combination in market sooner would not be wrong.

Image Credit: Gizmag

The microscopic application by VTT is basically a function of optical lens. The lens works in combination with LED lights to magnify the area of interest. Typically, the camera's field of view is 2X3 mm. The images taken with cameras are magnified with the help of 3D topographic maps. These 3D topographic maps are generated with the use of mobile software.

However, before we start praising the application, the work by a Michigan researcher is worth mentioning. Durdu Guney, Asst professor of Electrical and Computer engineering at Michigan Institute of Technology has invented almost similar type of device. Probably better! The Superlens designed by the researcher can view objects 1/1000th times the width of Human hair. Now that is quite a minute quantity.

If one were to commercialize Guney's research, one would expect greater response from the scientific community and general public alike. This is because microscopic entities like the bacteria are now brought within the reach of common man. The significance of both lie in learning opportunity made available to amateur researchers.

Now if you have started appreciating both inventions, the next logical question would there be a conflict for patent? May be no. The principle on which Guney's Superlens work is inherently different to the application developed by the organization. We earlier tried to cover his achievement here.

Now talking about the VTT invention, we can say that it will be a game changer in textile industry. It will also find wide acceptance in quality testing of surface, and also in security systems. In other words, it will have many uses than being just a fancy item in the hands of teenagers.

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