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Pensu • Feb 15, 2013

Micron Develops The Smallest 128-Gb NAND Flash Chip

Chip manufacturer Micron has developed a new NAND chip that is supposed to be the world's smallest 128-Gb flash memory. The chip uses 20-nanometer process technology and its die area is just 146 mm square.
The chip is based on triple-level-cell (TLC) flash technology. It stores three bits per cell instead of two, that also makes it the densest 128-Gb chip. The chip is more than 25 percent smaller than the current multi-level-cell (MLC) based chips. But this high density will also result in lower write speed and reduced endurance. According to Glen Hawk, vice president at Micron NAND solution group this is industry's smallest, highest capacity NAND flash memory device, empowering a new class of consumer storage application.
Micron is not planning to use this chip in SSDs, instead this new chip is targeted at cost competitive removable storage market. So, this chip will be used in memory cards and USB thumb drives.
via ComputerWorld

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