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Micromax YUPIX - A Portable Printer For Your Smartphone Or Tablet

Question asked by Kaustubh Katdare in #Gadgets on Sep 5, 2015
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Sep 5, 2015
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Micromax YUPIX is a small, portable printer that works with your smartphone or tablet. It lets you quick-print photos in 2.1" x 3.4" size with a resolution of 291 dots per inch and takes about a minute to print photo. The YUPIX printer is priced at Rs. 6999/- and it promises to bring back the 'physical touch' we've all been missing since the digital cameras and cell phones took over as our primary photo capturing devices.

YU Televentures is a Micromax owned brand that's venturing into unconventional products. The YUPIX printer seems to have derived its inspiration from Polaroid's Snap. Making the printer ultra-portable apparently was the prime focus of the hardware designers. The printer measures 2.99" x 6.01" x 0.94", weighs just about 273 grams and is capable of printing photos up to 2.5MP. The printer however accepts only the .jpeg format; which should be the default for most of your phone captures.


YUPIX establishes connection with your main device with Wi-Fi or NFC. YU promises that the printer is compatible with both Android and iOS (iPhone) devices. The printer also features a unique printing mechanism - an ink ribbon with photo paper integrated; which allows for a very compact design. The output copy is fingerprint proof.

The gadget derives its power from a 750 mAh battery and can print about 10 pictures at a time. You will need a special YUPIX app available on the Google Play and App Store to manage all your prints.

Micromax seems to be convinced that there is enough market for portable printers. Do you think the YUPIX will have a market in the times when storing all our digital content on the cloud has almost become a norm with Internet biggies like Google and Apple offering huge amounts of free space? Posted in: #Gadgets

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