• Hideo Kojima, the man known in the gaming world as the creator of Metal Gear Solid series with legendary characters like Solid Snake and the Big Boss has announced that the next game in the series, called Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes will release on March 18, 2014. At the same time, it's apparent that there's no news about the "MGS: The Phantom Pain".

    Hideo Kojima has been maintaining a lot sectary about the release of MGS V. It's known that the Ground Zeroes will act as a prequel to The Phantom Pain and these two games will be collectively called as 'Metal Gear Solid V'.

    It also confirms that these two games will be separately sold and the Phantom Pain may have surprise appearance of voice actor David Hayter. A lot of David Hayter fans, including yours truly, have been disappointed that Hideo Kojima announced that Hayter won't be a part of the series. Fingers crossed!
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