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@shashu1989 • 23 Feb, 2011
Hey Crazy Engineers, I am a final year Engineering student (Metallurgy branch)... As a part of it v need to present a Technical Seminar of a topic related to Metallurgy... Can any one of u provide me wid good topics and PPT's.. Pls help me out asap as im running out of time.
@Ankita Katdare • 23 Feb, 2011 Hi shashu,
We can't give you ready made PPTs, but we can help you create one.
Tell us about the topics that you have gone through.
@shashu1989 • 23 Feb, 2011 Hey Thats ok... I ve decided a topic "COMPOSITE MATERIALS FOR AERO SPACE APPLICATIONS"... How about it???
@durnk • 26 May, 2011 I need project topics in for my final year
@minthu • 04 Feb, 2015
Hey Thats ok... I ve decided a topic "COMPOSITE MATERIALS FOR AERO SPACE APPLICATIONS"... How about it???
@minthu • 04 Feb, 2015 hi
@Ankita Katdare • 04 Feb, 2015 @minthu Welcome to CrazyEngineers. Go ahead and ask your query. Be as detailed as possible in your question so that you get help faster.

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