Memorable Day - Meet with Cean-Patty and MayurPathak

Yesterday i get chance to meet Cean-Patty for 10-15 Minutes and today I Spent a Super Day with Mayur Pathak.

It was amazing !!


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Tell us more. What did you do?
  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    And post photos as well 😀
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    Patty was travelling from Mumbai to Delhi so we meet at station and he had only one photo of mine and Mayur Pathak. Today Me and Mayur Pathak spent a day in Vadodara roaming around and also watched a movie. Unfortunately we have no Photos.(How i missed this 😔)

    So Now two more Ceans in my list whom i met

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