Sowmiya Mahendran
Sowmiya Mahendran
Branch Unspecified
02 Aug 2018

Medical electronics project ideas collection

Give some details about medical electronics project
3 years ago
Electro medical devices cover a huge range from MRI down to wearable glucose monitors, pulse counters and such. What are your interests?
Ankita Katdare

Ankita Katdare

Computer Science
3 years ago
Here are some more ideas:

1. Cost effective infant incubator for use in rural areas

Some sample papers you can read and refer:
PIC Microcontroller based Efficient Baby Incubator
Design of a Passive Incubator for Premature Infants in the Developing World Premature.pdf

Here's a video

2. Microprocessor based Insulin Controller

Refer this paper:

3. Detection of Respiratory Abnormalities Using Artificial Neural Networks


Spirometry to detect and manage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma in the primary care setting

4. Automated Ambulance Detection and Gate Control with Auto-Traffic Control



5. ECG Recording on a Bed During Sleep Without Direct Skin-Contact

Paper: During Sleep Without Direct Skin-Contact.pdf

6. A design of a prototypic Hand-Talk: Assistive Technology for the Dumb

Madhumitha Kumaran

Madhumitha Kumaran

Electronics and Communication
7 months ago

I'm a final year student of electronics and communication engineering...I'm looking forward to develop a project based on medical electronics..I need ideas and guidance... please

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