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kekuleh • Dec 9, 2007

Mechatronics engineer career path

Hi, I'm a final year student and will be having my final semester starting next month. Together with doing my FYP, I also need to consider and applying for my future career.

I don't exactly know what are the jobs of a mechatronics engineer. so can anyone tell me the jobs and description for mechatronics engineers?
eccentronix • Apr 8, 2008
Hey Bro... seems like its quite late for a reply, but id still like to give it a shot... just in case youre still looking for the info...
I, myself, am a mechatronics engineer... in my third year undergra...
Now you must have gone online and google that term up and gotten many hits and as many definitions for the term itself...
The definition that i find most suitable is: 'Mechatronics is the synergistic combination of electronics, mechanical and computer systems integrated via a control architecture'
Now one might think that this field is rather vast and unspecific... However, i may say that this field is less understood than others... so, allow me to clarify...
A mechatronics Engineer mainly deals with a system that has many electromechanical components... However, mechatronics does not ust stop there... it goes one step further to convert the current open loop electromechanical systems and converts them into self adjusting closed loop control systems... for a very simple example... consider a a gantry crane... to move an object from one point to the other, you may need the proper compensation between the speed at which the load has to be transferred and, once te load comes to a stop, you need to control the swing of the rope that hangs it. So basically, you need some sort of an Electronics circuit, that may condition the appropriate sensor values from Mechanical parts and feed them into a digital processor which may process the received info based on a Computer program that you have made and give the appropriate actuation to the electromechanical system...
This is like the most basic basic... basic function of a mechatronics system...
Now, the thing that sets mechatronics(MCT) apart is that an MCT engineer does not need to have an indepth knowledge on the design of mechanical, electronic or computers... he just has to know their proper implementation to achive the desired control... Therefore, he needs to have the 'sufficient' knowledge about them.. However, his design domain is the system as a whole, and not its individual components..
This is what the crux of MCT is about...
we may discuss more specific matters as you may require...
Thanx for your interest..=)
ChrisChris • Jul 13, 2009
hi i am thinking of studying mechatronics or elctronics engineering, i am wondering are there any working mechatronic engineers that can tell me what kinds of jobs they do.

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