Mechanism of bike & car engines

Hi Guys, This is my first post in this forum. Pardon me if this is not the right forum to shoot this question. I am a computer science grad who is very passionate about bikes and cars. I was wondering if there would be some automobile gurus on this forum from either Hyderabad or Chennai, India who would be ready to personally walk me & a couple of my friends(we can decide the place based on your convenience) through the engine mechanism of bikes or cars perhaps during their past time. It would otherwise be helpful if you could provide me with pointers on some good videos and references(websites, ebooks etc.) to look up to understand the engine mechanism.



  • mechky
    easiest and basic explanation is on this site -

  • ShrinkDWorld
    You can contact me personally BUT it is better to start our discussion here so that other can also join us. At first in which depth you required a knowledge about engines or bike.
    Today the technology is very improved due to lots of research in specially in IC engine & know lots of research is going on Turbine & jet engines.
    please ask your questions i may be answer them😉
  • maggy
    Thanks mechy and gaurav! Continuing from gaurav's discussion, I am a novice as far as the technicality of bikes are concerned even though I was owning a normal bike like pulsar as well as a superbike Suzuki GSXR 750. The level of detail I am looking at is as follows:
    1) Initially a high level detail of the difference among normal bikes(pulsar), superbikes and cruisers/Bullet.
    2) References/videos to details on how each of these machines work( if they are very different)

    With the good insights provided by the engineers on this forum, I am sure I should be able to dissemble and reassemble a basic bike and if a problem occurs, if the mechanic tells me some technical issue, I should be able to validate it.

    So lets get started with my first question:
    a) What is the difference in engine mechanism among a normal bike(pulsar), superbike and a cruiser?
  • ShrinkDWorld
    The first difference is pulsar uses a single cylinder engine while in case of superbike it is multicylinder usually V shaped. if we consider power then super bikes & cruiser have maximum power. Superbike has maximum speed while cruiser & pulsar are comparative low too speed. so there engines are tuned for such things.
    for more information i want to search it.😀
  • zaveri
    most of the bike engines use single-cylinder engines because here space and overall weight of the bike is a major concern. but in cars we can easily use multi-cylinder engines. this is the only reason why bikes cannot deliver the power which cars do

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