Mechanical Engineer in Automobile Industry - How to choose CAT or GRE?

I am a mechanical engineer currently working in Automotive industry (R&D). I am getting 3p.a. Which is not at all sufficient these days.. So i want to pursue my higher studies! But it is so confusing to choose between CAT and GRE.. Every1 is advising me to go with what my heart says..
but its so difficult since i can adapt to anything no matter what. I already took education loan for my UG and my brother is also in 3rd yr of college and he will also go for higher studies so i cant spend a lot as well! I have already joined CAT class cos i am so desperate in taking some exam. I want to know which one should i go for! Also, Last class the faculty there was asking me this question "Why MBA?" i couldn't answer and it made me think whether i am in the right track?? Or is it like i can able to get the answer even now?? Or can i take GRE with CAT preps and is there anywhere i can do MS with less expenditure like in Germany or somewhere.. I am really very much confused & stressed out past couple of weeks that i couldn't able to deliver outputs in work also.. please HELP me!!


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    You are not alone. There are thousands of mechanical engineers like you who are going through a similar dilemma.

    Where does your interest lie? In technical side of things or the management side?
    You can earn money in any of the fields, if you try to become the best in your chosen field.

    Tagging #-Link-Snipped-# to share some insight on this.
  • balasubramanim
    well thank u for the reply! I am not very good in managing people but i am sure that i can develop such skill in future! Also since i am in R&D right now, i am good at technical stuffs!..
  • sai bharadwaj
    sai bharadwaj
    I am a 3rd year student in mechanical stream. I don't have any idea of my career. i was thinking for going cat exam, am not sure whether it is right or not. so please do help me.

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