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jaspal rautela
jaspal rautela • May 23, 2013

Mechanical 2012 Graduate: No Job, Please Help!

i complted from mechanical engineering in 2012....i have no job....helpless.......
jaspal rautela
jaspal rautela • May 27, 2013
no reply..?????
Shawrix • Jun 19, 2013
Mate you need to work on your CV first...its terrible.
jaspal rautela: You are never helpless. Its just that mindset that you are carrying which you need to get rid of. Get some training in the area of interest and keep trying. Make yourself that capable in the meanwhile that as soon as you get one interview opportunity you would make it count and get selected.

Work on making an impressive resume and not just putting stuff there. Put stuff that matters. All the best

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