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vidit.iitr • Jun 5, 2008

Mean Shift Algorithm


m a newbie so please correct me if i am posting this in the wrong section.

I wanted to discuss how to apply the mean shift algorithm in Image Processing for tracking objects. More specifically, it wud b gr8 if u cud explain me the Continuously Adaptive Mean SHIFT (CAMSHIFT) algo implementation.

serene.k • Jun 17, 2009
I have a problem with the implementation of the mean shift tracking algorithm.The weighted mean is moving in a different direction when I implemented the algo given in most papers i.e the weights calculated as square root of the ratio of the frequency of the particular bin color at a pixel in current frame to the frequency of the same bin color in the next frame.Intuitively it has to move in the direction of the moving object,but it is moving in an opposite direction..the calculated weights are actually moving the bounding box in the upward direction.Can anyone help me with it?
serene.k • Jun 17, 2009
what exactly should be the weights for the pixels?

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