• Maharashtra Centre For Entrepreneurship Development or better known as MCED is the organization that promotes 'social and economic entrepreneurship' since 1988.
    It is a training institute that focuses on 'entrepreneurship development'.

    It works as a facilitator and guide for the creation and cultivation of the entrepreneurial spirit and the concept of ‘self-employment’ in a nation that is largely driven by third party employment.

    From their website -

    At MCED, there is always the hummable buzz of people discussing, brainstorming, making plans and revamping shelved ideas. The thrum of work and the exciting buzz of activity is an indelible part of the work culture. MCED is also an incredibly technology savvy organization which, not surprisingly, is amongst the few offices to enforce the paperless office concept.
    Has anyone attended their workshop? Were they good?
    How can students bring their workshops to their colleges?
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