McAfee Paper Pattern

McAfee Paper conducted in BANGALORE :

1. Written
2. Technical Interview
3. HR
Here was one puzzle like there are 6 members in a family n they are teacher, student, engineer, lawyer, docter and housewife. 2 is mother of 3 who is a teacher 4 is Grand mother of 3 that is a house wife. 3 is sister of 1 6 is father of 1 that is doctor and 5 is lawyer father of 6
Q1- who is student
Q2- who is engineer.
Q3- who is a girl in the family.
Q4 - sum of the no between 1 to 100 divisible by 2 and 5.
Q5- Some were from probability.: As 2 dice are thrown and probabily of coming some more than 8.
Some question were from reasoning

Technical question from DS, VB and .Net as
1 - the size of text box.
2 - the size of msg box
3- what operator used to compare two string
4- DIM i, j means ... variant i,and variant j


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